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Crime will expand according to our willingness to put up with it – NY hate crime edition

I love this quote:

Crime will expand according to our willingness to put up with it

Bail reform is just another bit of willingness to put up with crime, consequently, crime will expand.

Remember yesterday when I covered that the NY AG bail reform let a woman who attacked three Jews in New York City out without bail?


Woman accused of assaulting 3 Jewish women arrested again day after release

A Brooklyn miscreant accused of slapping three Orthodox Jewish women last week struck again on Sunday and was busted for assaulting another woman, police said.

A day after she was released without bail on charges stemming from the Friday attack, Tiffany Harris was charged with assault for slugging a 35-year-old in the face on Eastern Parkway near Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights at about 9:15 a.m., according to police.

It’s unclear if Sunday’s victim is Jewish — and police weren’t treating the incident as a hate crime. The victim suffered swelling and bruising to her right eye from the pummeling, police said.

The two assaults occurred about a mile from each other.

That didn’t take long.

I wonder how many more people this crazy woman will have to beat up before they decide to keep her in jail.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding?  She’ll never get locked away.

Letting cities get overrun with violent criminals is a feature not a bug by Leftists, it’s the excuse they need to get more power.


Some Jews have figured it out and a lot more

It has been reported that some Orthodox Jews in New York have started open carrying rifles outside of their synagogue after the Monsey Hanukkah mass stabbing.

Yes!   Finally!

It’s about time that the Jewish community makes it clear that they will defend themselves because nobody else will.


That looks like a lot of brazen NY SAFE Act non-compliance.

I know what you are about to say, and you are right.

The NY SAFE Act is a piece-of-shit unconstitutional law, passed in the dead of night by a piece-of-shit Governor who thinks he is the King of New York and thinks New York should rule the rest of the US as its fiefdom.  Cuomo has taken the nickname of New York as the Empire State to heart and believes himself to be its Augustus Imperator Divi Filius.

We in the gun community scoff at the anti-gun machinations of political leaders who demand registration, buybacks, and confications,  pointing out that the estimated compliance rate with the NY SAFE Act was at most 3%, and we cheer on such failures with statements about “boating accidents.”

But non-compliance can’t be brazen – at least not yet.

Since Hanukkah just ended, I will say non-compliance with laws like the NY SAFE Act is to be like Jews under Seleucid rule.  To the tyrannical empire, you must look like you are in compliance.  Jews would put a statue of Zeus in their home, and then study Torah secretly at night.  This is where the tradition of the Dreidel comes from.

The New York gun owner with AR-15s can clean them and fondle them with the doors locked and the curtains closed.  That is until, like the Maccabbe revolt, all shit breaks loose.

Standing outside a Synagogue carrying an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine is the fastest way to get the government of New York, which already engages in the malicious neglect of the Orthodox Jewish community to crack down on it.

They will parade this around as:

“Nobody is above the law.  We sent the police there to protect them.  They can’t take the law into their own hands.”

And the Jews will pay a worse price.

The Orthodox Jew and American lawyer and legal scholar Ron Coleman made this argument on Twitter (unrolled for easy reading):

Many friends are saying hasidim and orthodox Jews in New York and New Jersey should do what law enforcement won’t and protect ourselves – punch back twice as hard.

Yeah, that’s what the Proud Boys did. How did that work out?
This is not a matter of courage. Jews know how to fight if necessary – maybe you’ve heard of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising? The State of Israel?

And hasidim are not, contrary to popular belief, kosher versions of the Amish. They’re not pacifists and they’re actually fearless.
But we have few options. The Proud Boys verdict stands for the proposition that self-defense is not recognized as an option if you’re politically incorrect.

And orthodox Jews are back to being politically incorrect. That’s why “Jewish leaders” have left us to twist in the wind.
Friends say, “arm yourselves,” but citizens are routinely denied the constitutional right to do in New York City and for all practical purposes in most of the metropolitan area.

This policy is routinely approved by the courts.
So we are at the mercy of state power that abhors almost everything about us – our values, our way of life, our rejection of the immorality they affirmatively promote.

They don’t abhor the taxes we pay, but otherwise we represent an… inconvenient truth. Or two.

He is right.

The Left hates very few things more than they hate a Jew with a gun ready to defend themselves.  That is a Jew that left the Planation, and any minority that does that must be stomped out.  That’s why runaway slaves were killed, to prevent them from telling the other slaves about life outside, and to serve as a warning to others.

I have no doubt that the NY AG and Governor who have mad big deals about fighting the NRA and gun industry would be more than happy put Orthodox Jews in prison for their ARs for longer than people who attacked the Jews in the first place.

Do not comply with registration and disarmament, just don’t do it brazenly and get caught doing it.

In this day and age, where everyone has a cellphone with a camera and a Twitter account, taking your AR outside and letting someone take a picture of you with it is the very definition of “probable cause.”

Jews should stand guard at Synagogue, armed, ready to defend themselves and others.  But in New York (or California, or New Jersey, or any Blue state), a pump-action shotgun or lever-action rifle will be equally effective.  Be extra careful to be absolutely 100% within the letter of any gun control law, just to avoid giving the powers that be the slightest iota of a reason to turn you into the bad guy.

Keep the AR-15 in the attic until the shit hits the fan.

They Want You Dead: OC In Colorado

I shudder to think what I would have done

I am trying to figure out if there was something in that photo (other than guns) that would make the author so aggressive.  The body language of the bikers is not aggressive but rather friendly: a wave and a thumbs up.

The verdict? There are people out there that just hate you and want to see you dead because of your gun ownership. It is the same hate that once was directed to Blacks, to Latinos, to Irishmen and lately to Jews, but the difference is that the hated people in the pic can do something about their hate if they decide to press the issue and exert violence.

Eric Swalwell is one of the biggest tone-deaf POS in Congress

Sixth days of Hanukkah, six anti-Semitic attacks.

Day seven of Hanukkah and another attack that evening in which five Jews were stabbed.

So on the morning of the seventh day of Hanukkah, what did Congressman Eric “Douche Nukem” Swalwell Tweet?

Because the spike in antisemitism in NY/NJ was as much Trump’s fault as was the attempted lynching of Jussie Smollett.

Here is what this shit-burger had to say:

FBI data shows hate crimes reached a 16-year high in 2018. Even California, which has some of the strongest hate crime laws in the nation and proudly celebrates diversity and inclusiveness, isn’t immune to this troubling trend. Anti-Jewish hate crimes rose in California by nearly a quarter from 2017 to 2018, even while overall hate crimes in the state remained flat.

Yes, it has.

It should be noted at this time that according to the ADL:

K-12 schools, as well as colleges and universities, continue to be the scenes of significant numbers of anti-Semitic incidents.

California campus anti-Semitism had become so egregious that the University of California board of regents had to address it.

Then there was this:

California Dems propose resolution linking Israeli government to anti-Semitism, Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

So don’t bullshit me that ONLY the Right – or more accurately the alt-right – is responsible for all of the shit going down in California.

This isn’t happening in a vacuum. It’s happening as President Donald Trump and his allies dabble in hate-baiting propaganda. From refusing to unconditionally condemn the 2017 neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville to accusing American Jewish Democrats of disloyalty, President Trump has tacitly or explicitly empowered extremism in ways not seen in generations.

Case in point: the President, his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, far-right allies like former Fox News anchor Glenn Beck, and racist Congressman Steve King, for years have relentlessly attacked Jewish philanthropists including Michael Bloomberg and George Soros.

Michael Bloomberg is a nanny state piece of shit who uses his mendacious media empire money to fund Astroturf campaigns to ban trans-fats, sugary drinks, and have their child rhetorical human shields attack law-abiding gun owners and NRA members and demand that our civil rights be abridged.

George Soros is a diabolically evil vulture capitalist who makes billions of dollars increasing misery and suffering around the world, and uses that money to fund equally evil Progressive causes.

Causes such as the election of Attorneys General and prosecutors who refuse to prosecute criminals.  AG’s like the NY AG Letitia James who lets people who attack Jews out of jail without bail.

Even Politico called this shit out:

George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system
Progressives have zeroed in on electing prosecutors as an avenue for criminal justice reform, and the billionaire financier is providing the cash to make it happen.

So when some illegal vagrant in San Francisco steals a gun and shoots and kills a woman on a pier, and the prosecutor does a half-assed job and he gets no prison time, that’s Soros’ fault.

It’s not anti-Semitic to criticize this for the evil that it is.

For Leftists to say “you can’t criticize Progressive Jewish billionaires and their schemes to legalize every crime and criminalize every legal activity, that’s anti-Semitic” is some anti-Semitic bullshit.

Words matter. Hate must not be stoked, lest innocent people die. As a country, we must hold Trump and his minions accountable for their conduct, and we must do more to protect the communities facing the greatest risk.

It starts with toning down the rhetoric, condemning any dog-whistling as dead wrong, and not only remembering but emphasizing that we’re all Americans, even as we navigate the difficult waters of impeachment. Protecting and defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, is expressly at odds with letting hate infiltrate our politics.

I will believe that the second you shit-eating, shit-spewing, shit-for-brains, feckless fuck-weasels criticize  AOC or Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib or the Women’s March or Linda Sarsour or any of the anti-Semites on the Left.

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Our nation is more unified, more inclusive, and simply better than what President Trump and Rudy Giuliani would have you believe.

No, it’s not.  It was the Democrat George Wallace who said “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”  And your side has held fast to that, rebranding it as Social Justice.  Or did you forget about creating POC only safe-spaces on college campuses?

We respect and protect our neighbors and we reject prejudice. That’s not a partisan thing to do; it’s the human thing, the right thing to do.

But you couldn’t break from partisanship for one fuck second yourself.

To post this shit to Twitter after a week’s worth of attacks on Jews in New York, none by MAGA supporting right-wingers is nothing but partisan and tone-deaf.

But if the entire Democrat Primary runup to 2020 has proven anything, it’s that partisan and tone-deaf is all the Democrats have.

Why are you Jews not listening to me? Put your stuff on a truck now.

Yesterday morning I wrote a post: Jews, get out of Blue bubbles and buy guns. The intersectional crowd hates you and wants you dead.

Barely 12 hours later this happened:

5 people stabbed during Hanukkah party at rabbi’s home in New York, suspect arrested

Five people were stabbed Saturday night at a rabbi’s home in Monsey, New York, and a suspect was later arrested in New York City, police said.

Ramapo Police Chief Brad Weidel said a man armed with a blade attacked around 10 p.m., on the seventh night of Hanukkah. The attacker, identified as 37-year-old Thomas Grafton, was arrested by the New York City police department nearly two hours later in the Harlem section of Manhattan, NBC New York reported.

Michael Specht, supervisor of the town of Ramapo, which provides government services to Monsey, said the attack took place during a Hanukkah celebration at the home of Rabbi Chaim L. Rottenberg, next to a synagogue. Monsey is an enclave of ultra-Orthodox Jews about 35 miles from New York City.

The site reported the suspect was wearing a scarf over his face and, after stabbing five and being chased from the home, tried to get into the synagogue but was blocked by people inside who had barricaded the door. The victims, according to the organization, were Hasidic Jews.

This is the suspect:

Anybody noticing a pattern here?

After yesterday, the entire observant Jewish community of the upper Acela corridor should be headed south or west in U-Hauls.

For those Jews who have chosen to stay, if you are in New York City, you are simply fucked.  Sorry.  The Progressives who run that hell-hole have disarmed you and want you to die.

For those who live outside New York City, there is good news:  You do not need a permit to purchase or own a long gun.

Go to a sporting goods store and buy yourself a shotgun.  The venerable Remington 870 is made right there, upstate in Ilion, New York.  A standard 18-inch Express model is only a couple of hundred bucks and loaded with 00 Buckshot will work just fine at stopping any asshole who wants to do you harm.  Wherever a handful of Jews congregate, one of you should have a scatter-cannon nearby.

You can work on getting carry permits later, protect yourselves in your homes and Shuls now.

Understand this, the government of New York does not give a fuck about you.

New York Attorney General Letitia James sent out the most pathic of platitude Tweets.

This is the woman who ran on taking down the NRA with a dubious investigation, investigating Donald Trump for purely partisan reasons, and bail and criminal justice reform that turned jail cells into revolving doors increasing crime.

Even those accused of hate crimes – as long as those hate crimes are against Jews and not committed by white supremacists – as reported by the New York Post:

Bail reform is setting suspects free after string of anti-Semitic attacks

Suspects arrested in last week’s spree of eight anti-Semitic attacks are being quickly released right back into the neighborhoods they terrorized thanks to “bail reform” legislation — which doesn’t even take effect until Jan. 1.

The most recent case of revolving-door justice came Saturday morning, with the release, with no bail, of a woman charged with punching and cursing at three Orthodox women, ages 22, 26 and 31, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at dawn the day before.

Yeah, “I stand with the Jewish community” my ass.

The situation is not going to get any better because the city and state government let it get this bad by ignoring the rise of non-white supremacist anti-Semitic violence.  They are not going to put this genie back in the bottle with feigned outrage Tweets and releasing the people who attack Jews out on their own recognizance.

What also harms the situation is Leftists and Leftist Jews refusing to acknowledge reality.

Really?  Trump is causing the attacks on the Orthodox in New York?  Not the Progressives who attack “gentrification” on a daily basis and criticize the Jews for buying property adjacent to black communities?



Yeah, the motive for a guy entering a Rabbi’s home and stabbing people with a machete is “massively complicated.”  He hates Jews.  This is just a Leftist trying to deal with the cognitive dissonance of “minorities can’t be racist” and “anti-Semitism is racism” so is trying to rationalize the attack as something other than what it is.


No, this is Cuomo’s New York and de Blasio’s New York City.

Of course, the real victims here are not the Jews that were stabbed, but the Leftist Jews being called out for their bullshit.

No, this isn’t the blood libel.

Klion deserves all the shit in the known universe to be thrown at him because he said that the police should not serve as protection for the Jewish community because it terrorizes black people, right before a black man committed an act of domestic terrorism at a Synagogue with a machete.

If there is any good news, it is that going through the #Monsey on Twitter, it seems that there is a growing backlash against this intersectional horse-shit.

That after this many attacks on Jews in a row, they just can’t we hand-waved away with woke thought-terminating cliches.  It seems that only the most die-hard Leftists can stick to the message.

Then there is this stupidity:

It most certainly fucking is.  If the problem is that someone is trying to kill you, disabling their body through either the ballistic disruption of their central nervous or cardiovascular system is a very effective solution.

I’m not a professional historian, but I play one on the Internet, and I’m sure that shooting 4.3 million Germans was a pretty effective solution to the Nazi problem.

Once again, it is time to pull a quote from Robert A. Heinlein:

“Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Nations and peoples who forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms.”

It’s time that American Jews start settling the issue of attacks on Jews with violence.

Get out of the Blue Bubbles or get guns, and leave the Progressives behind.


White Settlement Church Shooting Video. Over in 6 seconds.

Stolen from the good folks at

Church Mass Shooting in Texas Stopped by Good Guy with Gun


From presentation of the long gun to the shooter going horizontal.

And there was plenty of folks armed as back up.

And sorry. No police response can beat 6 seconds. Hell, people would still be trying to figure out how to dial 911 or activate one of those “panic buttons.”

Hat Tip Tom w.