Month: August 2022

In spite of Bruen, Oregon version

Gun banners just got to ban guns. It is what they do.

Once is an accident.

Twice is a coincident.

Three times is enemy action.

Oregon gun control advocates are putting a measure on the ballot which will make it impossible for people to actually purchase a firearm.

The measure would enact a law requiring a permit issued by a local law enforcement agency to purchase any firearm. Applicants would have to pay a fee, be fingerprinted, complete safety training, and pass a criminal background check.

Hmmm, “Shall Not Be Infringed.”

“In order to obtain the permit, an applicant would have to show up with a firearm to demonstrate the ability to load, fire, unload, and store the firearm,” Williamson, an Oregon trial attorney specializing in firearms law, told The Epoch Times. “But you can’t get a firearm without the permit. And under Oregon’s highly restrictive gun storage laws, no one can legally loan a firearm to another. That creates an impassable barrier.”

Oregonians to Vote on Gun Control Measure Opponent Calls ‘Strictest’ in the Nation

Everything we see happening today is about making it as difficult and expensive as possible in order to exercise our rights as guaranteed in the Constitution.

“We can’t require you to show good cause? Then you will have to show you have good moral character.”

“You want a permit? No problem, just pay hundreds of dollars up front and take a training course. What training course? We haven’t defined it yet, you’ll have to wait until sometime next year.”

“You want to purchase a gun? No problem get a permit.”

“You want to purchase a gun? Sorry, there are no gun stores because they’ve all been sued out of existance.”

Side note, for the longest time there was only on LLC in Washington DC. He had an office in the MPD building. If you had permission to buy a gun from the government you had to jump through a bunch of hoops. Purchase you firearm outside the city and then have it shipped into the city to actually pick it up. Go read Emily Gets Her Gun: But Obama Wants to Take Yours

They’ve lost, but they are going to cause as much pain as possible on the way down.

Miguel’s Hit and Run: The FBI inspiring Islamic attacks inside the US? Perish the thought!

Well, ain’t that a charming concept?

Thank God all influences of J. Edgar Hoover were removed, or we would not have this pristine and honest federal agency making sure Americans are not under the threat of harm or death.

40 yard challenge: Dear God I need more Pew Pew Time

So I finally decided to test myself today and the first thing I find out is I only have a 30 yard space where I can safely shoot in my backyard. I set up a good old silhouette target and tested 2 sidearms: Gun 1 is my most trusted and has thousands of rounds through it in competition. It is one of my 2 carry choices.

Gun 2 is a recently built frankengun and this would be the second mag I put through it.  Ammo was some Turkish steel cased ball, 115 grs.

My first shot was at 30 yards unsupported. My second shot was 30 yards supported. The rest of the shots were advancing slowly and shooting. A couple of shots I paused and stopped somewhere at 10 yards.

And the final nail in the coffin: I may have shot less than a box of 9mm in the last 3 months. I am so rusty, not even Naval Jelly and a brush wire can help me.

Here is target with Gun 1:


Gun 2:

Yes, I missed the first one.

I find funny that I can shoot “better” on the move. It must be all the years shooting IDPA.

Final analysis: I need serious range time. I suck.


My tinfoil hat is getting tight again

President Biden has declared monkeypox a national health emergency.

We know how and among what group of people it spreads: 98% among gay men who have multiple sex partners.

We have been told that it’s homophobic to tell gay men not to have orgies and casual sex hookups at this time.

San Francisco is still going forward with their infamous Folsom Street Fair, which is a big gay sex fest.

We are being forced to pretend that monkeypox is spreading equally across all groups of people in this country and that everyone has a likelihood of getting infected.

One would think that the Left wants the gays to spread monkeypox with this sort of approach.

I think they do.

Nobody not on the far Left gives a shit about COVID anymore.

Biden won because of election fuckery related to emergency COVID measures.

I believe they are encouraging a monkeypox outbreak to use emergency measures to affect the midterm election and minimize their losses.

Or maybe my tinfoil hat is too tight.

AAR: Bravobelt Athletic Performance Holster. 8 months later.

You may remember this post from back last December: Review: Bravobelt Athletic Performance Holster. – Gun Free Zone

It is 8 months later and time to pass sentence: It has held beautifully.

I have been using it an average of 4 days a week for 2 hours split in 30 minutes of driving and about an hour and a half of moderate to elevated physical movement. Not once I felt like the weapon or any of the other items I was carrying was at risk of dislodging and falling at the worst possible occasion or any occasion for that matter.

As concealment goes, with the proper attire, nobody even gives you a second glance, especially when you get used to wear in and forget it is there (Yes, that comfy.)

Brand New.


Eight months of use.

And yes, it is still comfortable to wear and yes, the advice given in the old post about reholstering is still very much valid. I will continue to use my Bravobelt till it dies of over use and then buy another one. This time I will get me a couple of extra pouches: one for another magazine and one for the social working knife.

If you are looking for an alternative mode of wearing deeply concealed, I have no problem telling you to give this one a chance.


Aleatory Ruminations for 8/5/22

I need to carry a notebook again. I had a bunch of little quips and bits for this page I thought I memorized, but by brain decided that it did not need to keep them handy and dumped them somewhere between watching TV and a visit to the john.

I read comments from pundits on TV and other media that people did not care about Brittney Griner found guilty because she is an anti-American black lesbian… which is exactly the only reason they care about her situation and not because it is inherently unjust.
Once again, the advocating of a Two-Tiered Justice System for the politically approved against the Little People does not seem to be unfair to those who lie for a living.


We all need this t-shirt.

CDC expected to ease Covid-19 recommendations, including for schools, as soon as this week – CNN

So, they are going to recommend doing a light version of what Florida has been doing for a year and a half.

I have the strange feeling that the multiple COVID positives and disappearance isolation of the Pederast In Chief might be the precursor of a Leadership Retirement a la Soviet. The only reason it has not happened is because even the Democrats are scared shitless of the successors and the fuck up it may create.

Yesterday was the first election since I became a citizen in which I did not vote. Truth be told, I am still unable to make sense of Tennessee and Rutherford County politics. You cannot get political info anywhere other than the latest ass kissing for the Democrats in Nashville to which I could not give a care.

Let’s see if there is more info for the general elections in November. But just in case, if it has a “D” attached to the name, it is not getting my vote.

Admit it, you have done it also.

It has been said that Church is barely above College Football in the South. I thought it was a sheer exaggeration, but it is not. And I would add that pretty much all sports give the Lord a run for the attention of the people. Seriously, not even soccer fans during World Cop are this frigging dedicated and fervorous.

It can be a bit scary.

And to close this post, my inner 12-year-old has a meme for you.