6 Replies to “3D Printed Gun Derrangement Syndrome: The Blumenthal Case.”

  1. We really should require Senators to wear red noses, floppy shoes, fright wigs and makeup when they appear in public. It would be clarifying, and suit the dignity with which they behave.

  2. (After pointing out the falsehoods): “So, Senator, are you an idiot or a liar?”

    You’d think that “speaking truth to power” would make a reporter want to point out all the ways these statements are false, and then ask the gotcha question.

    But no. Doesn’t fit the agenda.

  3. To think that a firearm can be made of plastic and shoot straight is beyond comprehension. even if the barrel were made of plastic, it would not have lands and grooves, if it did, they would melt under the pressure as well as the heat. I certainly wouldn’t want to fire one. As mentioned, the magazine has metal parts, the sight, and several other components are made of metal. Can not be brought through a metal detector! Period, end of story!

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