911 call as a teaching moment.

Thanks to reader Dave H, for sending me this. It is always a great teaching tool to get the first hand evidence of any case as we can learn what to do and how to prepare for that moment we hope it never comes.

Emotional events like this can lend to mistakes that may come to haunt the participants. I found myself saying “leave my weapon? No way! Why would I disarm? I just got shot at! Not till I see a cop. ” I know, dumb as hell because the cops may see me first, see an armed suspect in the scene of a shooting and I end up with a selection of hollow points inside me.

From an Ammoland article

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- On 21 October 2018, Tyler Herrick entered his neighbor’s house, uninvited. Kyle Adams woke to find Herrick in his bedroom. He is said to have told Herrick to leave, and that Herrick did so. Herrick and Adams were both 33-years old.
Adams called his roommate, Brennan Pebbles, who is 31 years old. Pebbles left work and came to the house.
While roommates Adams and Pebbles were talking in the front room, Herrick came back with an AR-15 type rifle, shot through the front window and killed Kyle Adams. Pebbles ran upstairs to access his 9mm self-defense pistol.
Herrick shot out the window near the front door, entered, and hunted Pebbles.
Pebbles, using his 9mm pistol, shot and mortally wounded Herrick as Herrick entered the master bedroom.

For some reason, the second part pf the call did not have an embed code so you need to click here to go to the page.


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  1. Considering what he’d just gone through, I think he was remarkably calm and rational. I think if it were me, I would be inclined to keep my handgun until I was past the wounded assailant, then safe the pistol and lay it down. However, not knowing if the police were in the house would affect that decision. I’m glad that things worked out as well as could be expected.

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