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Texas father blocked from stopping gender transition of son James, 7, to girl called Luna

A jury in Texas returned a verdict on Monday that will prevent a Texas dad from intervening in the gender transition of his 7-year-old son.

Say those words out loud to yourself “gender transition of his 7-year-old.

If an adult, after years of dealing with gender-related issues wants to transition, I don’t really care.  That is their life, they are free to live it how they want.

Children are a different matter entirely.  My son is almost six, just a little younger than this boy here.  Right now, he goes back and forth between identifying as a lemur and a jaguar, depending on which episode of his favorite animal show he just watched.

He has still yet to master pronouns.

Do NOT tell me that at his current age he is capable of engaging in the deep introspection necessary to make life-altering decisions about his gender identity.

Jeffrey Younger had petitioned a court in Texas to grant him sole custody of his twin sons, James and Jude, in part to avoid a plan to infuse James with female hormones. James, who would like to be called Luna, has been the center of controversy in the heated debate among his parents and others.

Anne Georgulas, the mother of the two boys, has advocated for James to transition into Luna and has strongly backed the idea of chemically castrating her son and beginning hormone replacement therapy. The ruling on Wednesday will prevent Jeffrey from having sole custody of his children and paves the way for Georgulas to proceed with the procedure.

Let us take a break from the Washington Examiner to turn to Legal Insurrection for a moment.

FDA: Drug Used as Puberty Blocker for Transgender Youth Linked to Thousands of Deaths

According to the FDA, Lupron, a drug created in the 80s to treat prostate cancer, has been linked to thousands of deaths. Lupron was later approved via prescription to treat endometriosis in women.

Now, Lupron is prescribed to children who have been diagnosed (accurately or not) with gender dysphoria as a hormone blocker.

Since 2012, the FDA has documented “over 40,764 adverse reactions suffered by patients who took Leuprolide Acetate (Lupron), which is used as a hormone blocker. More than 25,500 reactions logged from 2014-2019 were considered ‘serious,’ including 6,370 deaths.”

So back to the story in the Washington Examiner.  What sort of mother would want to put her seven-year-old on such a dangerous drug, in which one of the side effects is sterility?

Some of the more aggressive trans-activists have pushed the idea that denying children puberty blockers is tantamount to a death sentence, in essence, that teens who are not chemically and surgically transitioned will commit suicide.  This is a manipulative tactic, a person holding themselves hostage to get what they want.

To further complicate this matter, there is evidence that “puberty blockers used in child transgender treatment ‘increase risk of suicide and self-harm.’”

As the Washington Examiner reports, there is no evidence that this boy is likely to harm himself if he is not transitioned.

“Neither child appears to be depressed, anxious or aggressive … He [James] gave no indications of other significant psychological difficulties.”

So there seems to be no reason to subject a seven-year-old to such chemical abuse.

But the story gets worse.  There is evidence that the boy isn’t fully committed to being a girl and that in all likelihood, his questioned gender identity is the product of abuse.

Expert witnesses expressed doubt that James was fully convinced that he was inherently female in testimony last week. “There is still some fluidity in his thinking,” said Dr. Benjamin Albritton in sworn testimony.

Granted, we are only hearing about this from the father’s side, however, let us be clear what the stakes are.  If the mother gets her way, her son will be subject to having his body poisoned with chemicals to prevent his natural growth until the age of 15, at which point his male organs will be amputated.

This is irreversible.

The risk of not chemically and surgically transitioning a child is that he grows up and decides on his own as an adult that this is what he wants and transitions.

The risk of chemically and surgically transitioning a child is that he grows up and completes his sexual, psychological, and emotional development and decides he’s not trans and can’t undo the damage done to him to ever lead a normal life.

When the risks are so lopsided, the principle should be “do no harm.”

Georgulas has additionally secured a letter of recommendation for transition for James from a woman associated with a gay children’s therapy center. “This is a letter of recommendation that my client, James Younger, aka Luna, begin the process of becoming a patient of the GENECIS clinic so that she can receive a full psychological assessment for gender dysphoria and potentially take hormone blockers,” said a letter from Rebekka Ouer from Dallas Rainbow Therapy.

The GENECIS clinic stands for “GENder Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support” and is more of an activist center that houses a medical operation than a medical center.  Dallas Rainbow Therapy is also an activist group.  Neither of these organizations are remotely impartial or have the best interests of the boy a heart.

There are no laws currently preventing a legal guardian from giving a minor puberty blockers or hormones.

This is perhaps the single most horrifying sentence in the whole article.

I am usually the first to say “no, there probably shouldn’t be a law” but when it comes to letting a child who still thinks Santa and the Easter Bunny are real decide to claim an alternate gender identity and then use that as evidence for chemical and surgical mutilation of that child, there should be a law against that.

This type of behavior is so egregious and ideologically driven that it would make Doctor Josef Mengele proud.

I cannot imagine a greater overreach by the government than to say “we’re going to mutilate your minor child’s sexual organs because of the testimony of ideologically driven activists.”

I know Miguel has strong feelings against mob violence, but as a parent, I can tell you, if dad ended up with both sons hiding out in a non-extradition country leaving a lot of spent brass behind him…. I can’t blame him for that.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “A court in Texas would make Dr. Mengele proud”
  1. The DSM-V allows for a potential diagnosis of gender dysphoria only if two or more of the following criteria are experienced for at least six months’ duration:

    – A strong desire to be of a gender other than one’s assigned gender.
    – A strong desire to be treated as a gender other than one’s assigned gender.
    – A significant incongruence between one’s experienced or expressed gender and one’s sexual characteristics.
    – A strong desire for the sexual characteristics of a gender other than one’s assigned gender.
    – A strong desire to be rid of one’s sexual characteristics due to incongruence with one’s experienced or expressed gender.
    – A strong conviction that one has the typical reactions and feelings of a gender other than one’s assigned gender.

    In addition, the condition must be associated with clinically significant distress or impairment.

    Now, I’ve never met this child, I’m not a medical expert of any sort, and I’ve certainly never spent the time it takes to come to a responsible psychiatric diagnosis for him… But there sure as shit is not anyway an actual doctor did either.

    The child is seven years old.

    There’s the obvious question about whether or not a child this young is capable of truly comprehending the emotions and emotional responses listed in the bullet points. But, for me, the clincher is that last part: the condition must be associated with clinically significant distress or impairment for six months or greater.

    Ain’t no way, no how, that a six year old (seven minus “six months or greater” equals six) could be having “clinically significant distress or impairment.” No way. No how. If a child that young was demonstrating symptoms that looked like that, there’s a raft of other neurochemical issues that are faaaaaaar more likely to be the issue.

    1. I’m no physician or psychologist/psychiatrist, but out of those six criteria, it can only be the first two for a seven-year-old; the other four focus primarily on “sexual characteristics” and gender-based reactions, which shouldn’t exist at seven.

      If a seven-year-old is manifesting strong sexual characteristics, he/she has MUCH bigger problems than his/her gender identity.

      A relevant short story, keeping as much anonymous as possible (for obvious reasons): Once upon a time I knew a five-year-old girl with an unusual interest in sexual activity and manifesting strong sexual characteristics. She had been exposed to sex and pornography, and something of that stuck with her. She wasn’t dysphoric and wouldn’t meet the criteria for becoming trans, but it was extremely disconcerting as a man to have a five-year-old making subtle, clumsy, totally-unconscious advances. (Unconscious as in, she didn’t seem to realize she was doing anything unusual.)

      I believe that exposure to explicit materials was the trigger, but she will have long-term issues, even after the age when sexual expressions become normal.

      The point, though, is that such sexual characteristics in young children are a sign of problems much more severe than gender identity — likely some form of abuse or neglect — and changing the gender identity is unlikely to fix them.

      As for the seven-year-old boy… I’m wondering if he was abused and wants to be a girl as a coping mechanism (“If I weren’t a boy….”), or if his mother has said or implied she wishes she had a daughter, or if the mother is just that kind of crazy/vindictive that she would do this just to hurt the dad; sadly, I’ve met all those in person. In any case, a better move for everyone involved would be to take a microscopically-close look at the mother’s lifestyle, parenting, and mental health, and her (clearly strained) relationship with the dad.

      That’s the better move, so of course the courts won’t do it.

      1. I worked at a summer camp and later as an adult with the Boy Scouts. I had been taught that if a very minor child engaged in that sort of sexualized behavior, it was usually the result of sexual molestation or abuse, most likely from a relative. Child molesters will often explain that they are showing the child love. The child doesn’t understand this so shows other people affection or friendship in sexual ways. This is one of those super red flags that if you see it, you have to report it to the police right away.

  2. At age 7 many boys think girls are “icky.” By 16, they have a somewhat different view. How the hell can a 7 year old know anything more about sexual identity than which bathroom to use?

  3. Wow….

    What the F happened to this kids mother to make her act this way? Granted, I do not have all the facts, but it seems like she is pushing for it, not James, and certainly not the father. For whatever reason, mom wants to turn her son into a girl.

    And, a seven year old? Let’s get real here. If my parents where “enlightened” like poor James’ mother is, I would be in decades of therapy, or likely dead by suicide now. I remember wanting to wear perfume and makeup when I was about 4 or 5. Why? Not because I wanted to be a girl, but because mom wore it, and I wanted to act like an adult. At the same time, I wanted to be just like my dad, for exactly the same reason.

    And, it continued through teens, and even into the 20s. People emulate what they admire, respect, or desire. Even folks well into middle age are influenced by others. (Ask yourself, have you ever thought “damn, Dave bought a nice car, I would like to have one just like it?” Yeah… that is the five year old popping out.)

    1. There was on of these trans-children cases I read about where mom and dad went through a nasty divorce. Mom started down the path of bitter divorcee, saying things like “men are pigs,” bashing her ex-husband and men in general, and crap like that in front of her son.

      The boy started to identify with as a girl. After much therapy, it came out that the boy wanted to be a girl because he thought it would make his mom love him again.

      Emotions in little kids are complicated. Imagine how much worse it would have been for that child to be chemically and surgically mutilated because everyone decided to affirm his new gender rather than figure out he was reacting to his mother’s emotional abuse in a way he thought would please her.

    2. From what I understand, the mother is not the biological mother, but a donated egg was used.

      Could this be a way to “get” the father and say “Since I cannot have biological children I will stop you – because the father’s sperm were used – from having biological grandchildren”?

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