A parable of siblings

Remember the video of Antfia blocking traffic in Portland.

There was a part early on, in which some Antifa is screaming at a guy with South Carolina plates that he (the guy from SC) is a KKK white supremacist because he is from South Carolina.

So there is a brother and sister.  They grew up together in a moderately Liberal area of Miami.  Most of their friends growing up were not white, for what that’s worth.

The sister moves inside the DC bubble.

The brother moves all over the country in pursuit of a career.  Not beholden to any one area of the country, he takes the opportunities for advancement that seem worthwhile.

This attitude lands him a job in Alabama.  He likes Alabama.  Having moved around a bit, he has learned to like most of the places he’s lived.  Everywhere has its good and its bad.  He has learned to focus on the good and take the bad in stride.

The sister slides hard Left in DC and eventually ends up siding with Antifa.

One day the Sister lashes out at the brother that he is a Klansman.  What evidence does she have for this?  Well the brother Lives and Alabama and Alabama is a Klan state.

Maybe, once upon a time, there was a larger Klan presence here.  For the most part that has gone away and the brother has never seen a Klan rally in Alabama.

That doesn’t matter, the sister assures him that every white person in Alabama is a Klan member.

To compound the issue, the brother doesn’t spend every waking hour in rage and protest against “Orange Hitler.”

The brother is kind of confused by this, unaware of any gas chambers or concentration camps set up by the current administration, the “Orange Hitler” statement seems overblown.

The sister says that is because the brother has been brainwashed by “Faux News” and “Press Secretary Sarah Goebbels.”

The brother is now forced to ignore the sister’s texts.



6 Replies to “A parable of siblings”

  1. The Civil War has been described as “brother against brother” which, when you really think about it, is quite terrifying for a country where family is supposed to mean something. I fondly remember family gatherings for holidays where you could talk with relatives without politics showing up. Over the last 10 years, I have noticed that is no longer the case. When people that you have that much history with and that you have been there for each other in tough times start turning their backs on relatives over political disagreements, I have to believe we are going off a cliff to which there is no turning back. And don’t be surprised if they are the ones that dox you if everything goes to shit.

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