See, it doesn’t matter what you say about him, he’s richer than you.

For instance, I could say Mark is a scumbag who is part of the problem I’ve blogged about in the past, wherein the value of stocks has become disconnected from the output of a company.

This has lead to companies, like Boeing as an example, where management has prioritized shareholder value through stock manipulation instead of growing the business by producing quality products, which ultimately causes companies to fail and working people in those companies to suffer.

But my criticism of Mark and how his style of money making has severely damaged this country falls on deaf ears because he can drive away in a car that costs as much as my house.

An old method of organizing a society, one that is not healthy or sustainable, is “might makes right.”

The modern equivalent is “wealth makes right.”

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you end up rich, it’s fine.

Except that attitude has destroyed countless lives in middle America.

We are living through what is the near zenith of this attitude and were about to come apart at the seams.

At least elites in the past has a sense of noblesse oblige, to build a decent society while they got rich.

Today it’s “I got mine, fuck you.”

I’m fine with not owning a Lamborghini.

I’m happy with a Ford Mustang and a pickup truck, because at the end of the day I can honestly say I’ve never hurt anyone with how I made my money.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “A perfect Tweet to demonstrate exactly what is wrong with America’s elite”
  1. How rich can he be, if he doesn’t have a Wiki page?
    Either way, it’s interesting how many of the “I got mine” people are also big givers to the Democratic party, the alleged party of Caring For People So Hard.
    But we know Democrats are liars, so no real surprise.

    1. That is their noblesse oblige. They don’t build colleges or cultural centers to educate the masses. They buy a $30,000 plate at a DNC fundraiser and think that is good enough.

  2. You cant eat money…. Whats he gonna do when all the blue collar little people go away? Whos gonna FIX his rich boy junk?
    I did some restoration work for a guy who was “rich”, he was unbelievably miserable. Everyone was green with envy…sure, money is nice, it dont make ya happy…This guy deep down is miserable fake and probably hung like a hampster…

    1. Interesting anecdote: some years ago, we attended a family gathering in Fargo, traveling by car from Silicon Valley. Along the way, we encountered a lot of people who were not exactly prosperous, financially speaking, but who were cheerful and seemed well adjusted.
      On the way back, we stopped in a Tahoe resort town. It was crawling with expensively-dressed people with luxury SUVs, most of whom came across as miserable and chronically angry.
      So, yeah, expensive accessories are not reliable indicators of a successful and happy life. Especially if those accessories were bought on credit.

      1. Eric, I suspect the term you are alluding to is “contraction indicator”.

        The folks in my clinic with the most bling/ most ostentatious toys are the second clause of my Sunshine Rule: ” Everybody brings sunshine into my life. Some do so when they arrive….”

  3. I was passed by a Lamborghini today. In innercity traffic.

    Totally worth those 100k (or more, idk) to spend your time stuck in rush hour next to a prolet in his 16 year old minivan.

    IF I had the money I would buy my first car again – because I would need the money to afford the gas 😀

    1. Tired,

      It is just another pen*s measuring contest.
      Just like trophy wives, big yachts, and a University Department with your name on it.

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