The fuck sort of bullshit is that?

That is laundry advice that only applies to the whitest of white-collar workers.  People who only wear designer jeans in climate controlled offices or work from home and sit behind a laptop.

Anyone who works in jeans that are made to work it would tell you just how bullshit that is.

I worked in a sheet metal mill.  Everything is covered in rolling oil.  It’s sprayed on the metal and gets aerosolized and coats every square inch of everything. It soaks into your clothes.  Your jeans feel like they’ve been dipped in butter.

I’ve worker in a restaurant kitchen, I’ve worked in a weld shop, I’ve worked in a refinery.

I’ve had jobs where I came home and showed with Lava soap.

I’ve had to take my work clothes to a laundromat because they were coated in so much gunk that I didn’t want to wash them at home.  I’d wash them twice, first time with Zep industrial degreaser then in laundry detergent.

There are millions of working men and women to do dirtier jobs than that.

But this sort of advice gets put out there like it’s the norm.

It’s not.

It’s that the people who come up with this shit and publish it are so cloistered inside their bubble that they don’t even consider that working people who do dirty jobs even exist when coming up with policy.

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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “A PSA about laundry that reminds you that the decision makers don’t think about working people at all”
    1. “Those” kind of people come in thru the service entrance… I own a small chrome plating shop. I go thru 5 to 6 pairs of jeans a week. If I was them usually about half of them dissolve. My wife is a waitress, she wears CLEAN jeans every day. Another example of “bubble” livers who prob dont even OWN a pair of jeans…. Fuk em. I think EVERY blue collar worker in the Country should move to a RED state. Hard to do I know.. but if no one is there to fix the beautiful peoples junk when it breaks maybe they would learn.. maybe. I luv the fb posts “looking for plumber”, “I lost my water Christmas day and need a plumber to come check it out” the evil Curby wants to message them- “hows it feel to be so dumb that you cant troubleshoot a life sustaining problem?”…. But I just ignore it..

      1. “Another example of “bubble” livers who prob dont even OWN a pair of jeans…. ”
        They do, and spent about $400 a pair for them.
        Artisanal ripping is another $200.

      2. Curby,

        Polyester pants are usually fairly acid proof. My buddy worked in a lead acid battery plant and all his work clothes were polyester. Although if Electrical Arc Flash is an issue? Then stick to cotton.


        When I worked double shifts at the restaurant? Damn right I had TWO sets of uniforms, one for breakfast-lunch, and a change for dinner. Hot water may fade colors faster, but it definitely gets clothes cleaner.

  1. So living in micro apartments, filthy, and eating bug paste is their goal for the Proles.

    But ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ have determined this so it cannot be questioned.

  2. When I was working, I’d wash my jeans once a week, all seven pairs at once. I don’t have the storage place to store 31 pairs of jeans, and don’t have a washing machine that can hold near that many jeans.

  3. Next up by these communists….
    Ya dont need to wipe your ass except once a month.

    Serious serious mental problems are running rampant. Not just CONUS but ….”Globaly”

    1. Next up by these communists….
      Ya dont [sic] need to wipe your ass except once a month.

      … Which you should do during your pre-scheduled 2-minutes-or-less shower time, since all the toilet paper companies were shut down to save the trees.

  4. It’s from the World Economic Forum. Everything they put out is the same kind of crap for people who live the same idyllic little white collar, office life as they do.

    Why should we listen to them about anything? Who gave them power? Did you vote to turn anything over the them?

  5. I worked in a knitting factory where the yarn (industry term applied to stuff most “civilians” would call “thread”) was coated in a light oil so it wouldn’t stick to itself and would run more smoothly through the machines.

    It, too, would be aerosolized by the thousands of strands of yarn running through the air and machines (and would combine with lint and accumulate on machines — a big fire hazard) and would land on all parts of you and your clothes and hair (and probably got into your lungs).

    Definitely a case of “wash everything every day” (except for shoes).

  6. It’s the same people who have no earthly idea that there’s other places to buy things outside of streetcorner bodegas.

  7. Do those pansies even sweat? I live in the desert and I don’t work around motors so I can get by appearance wise but, well, sweat. And yeah I’m going there. Taco Tuesday.

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