I have been following this just a bit and I have seen two things that are interesting: Number one, this is happening almost exclusively to Law Enforcement, I say again, Law Enforcement. The Only Ones.
The second thing is the amount of people that thump their chests and say “That is why I only trust my Glock!” I guess the horror stories of (again) mostly cops having negligent discharges with Glocks have been erased from the Glockmania memory. One of my favorites is from a tale about a Miami Dade officer who stored his loaded Glock with one in the chamber in the box and as if he was trying to put it away, it discharged.

First generation box top and second generation bottom You may wonder why it may have gone “bang” while improperly stored.

And of course, also forgotten, NYPD and CPD have Glocks with trigger pulls that make Jerry Miculek cringe in horror for the sake of “safety.”

Beware of Social media Gun Influencers who are after clicks more than safety. And it is a sad thing that our culture love to shit on guns because of brand tribalism rather than actual issues.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “A quick note about the SIG P 320 controversy.”
  1. Aren’t 320s the guns with the shit FCG that breaks so bad it takes a gunsmith to clear them? Also the ones that failed drop testing?

  2. Back when the department was switching from revolvers and berettas to glocks there was an officer who glock handed himself by pushing the muzzle of the weapon in to his palm to take the tension off the locking bar then pulled the trigger to let the slide off the frame. One loud BOOM later and officer Stigmata gets a trip to the ER and half the department was convinced glocks were dangerous trash that would kill you.
    Nevermind he hadn’t cleared the weapon, nope, dangerous tupperware har har.

    1. Glocks are dangerous for just that reason. A S&W M&P has a little lever inside below the breech face when the slide is locked back that allows you to lock the sear down for takedown. You don’t have to pull the trigger so an ND is virtually impossible.

      1. In defense of Glock- if you CLEAR the firearm before “take down” you never have to worry about “bang”… stupid can hurt…

        1. Glock’s design is flawed. It requires you to violate the 3rd commandment to perform basic maintenance on it.

  3. The whole “gun culture “ to me is one giant disappointment…. It makes the Chevy vs Ford guys look like best friends… mis handle ANY firearm and it will bite ya. All the “accidental discharges” stem from one thing – STUPID PEOPLE.. carry what YOU want, shoot what YOU want. You ever dis another firearm owners choice of firearms on my range you will be banned from my range for life. You insult someone because you don’t like what they own you a special kind of stupid and your ego is compensating for lack of something else… Learn to SAFELY handle many different firearms. As ol Clint said-“be a student of weapons kraft”…. I owned a Glock 17, liked it, traded it for a Franchi Law12 shotgun. Handled a couple of Sigs students had. Like them, don’t need one.. its a fool who blames the tool for thier failures..

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