A race war is coming to Alabama

A buddy of mine sent me this from the Hoover Sun:

Groups join forces to bolster police shooting protest, call for ‘war’ against Hoover

Several groups have joined forces to bolster the protest over the Hoover police shooting at the Riverchase Galleria on Thanksgiving night and are calling for a “war” against the entire city of Hoover.

On Wednesday night, members of groups such as the Nation of Islam, Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Party and Jefferson County Millennial Democrats gathered at Muhammad Mosque No. 69 in Birmingham for a “Justice for E.J. Community Forum.” An estimated 200 people were in the standing-room-only organizational meeting.

NOI, NBPP, and BLM, that’s a trifecta for riots.

Speakers said it’s time to rally the troops for a war to get justice for Emantic “E.J.” Bradford Jr., who was shot and killed by a Hoover police officer on Nov. 22 as the officer responded to another shooting in the mall — and the target of that war is the entire city of Hoover.

Protesters and Bradford’s family have said the shooting was unjustified and that the police officer should be charged with capital murder. The attorney for Bradford’s family said Bradford was shot three times from behind as he fled the scene of the shooting.

This shooting was a tragedy.  If the investigation shows evidence of bias, I agree with prosecution.

Hoover police have placed the officer on administrative leave while the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency investigates Bradford’s shooting and the shooting of an 18-year-old Birmingham man and 12-year-old girl.

Hoover officials have said the investigation is out of their hands and pleaded with the public to be patient, but protesters are demanding action even before the investigation is complete.

Knowing what BLM and other Lefty Wing groups have done in regards to other shootings, I don’t think they really care about the outcome of the investigation.  They already made up their mind.

What happens IF they manage to get the officer charged, and the evidence doesn’t warrant a conviction of capital murder?

Going with the Hanlon’s Razor, assessment of this shooting, my guess is that the officer was given the information “black male active shooter at the mall” and he charged in and shot the first black male he saw holding a gun in the vicinity of where the shooting happened.  Still not a good shoot, but not capital murder (a murder that meets the standards of a capital crime) by Alabama law.

Can we expect Ferguson riots in Birmingham?

On Wednesday night, speakers at the mosque made it clear this “war” is about much more than Bradford’s death and is about to escalate.

Carlos Chaverst Jr., one of the protest leaders, said they will continue almost daily protests in Hoover and are preparing for a huge protest next week.

Cara McClure, another leader, said they are bringing in people from out of state this weekend to train people here how to effectively conduct protests.

Oh great, ANTIFA is going to get bused in to Alabama.

“It’s time to go to jail. We’re going to do some arrestable actions,” McClure said. “It’s our time to fight. … I’m bringing in folks from all across the country to prepare for battle because we’re going to shut down Hoover.”

They can’t make the threat of violence any clearer, can they?

Tremon Muhammad, the student minister for Muhammad Mosque No. 69, said this protest is even bigger than Bradford. “E.J.’s life was sacrificed for a bigger cause,” Muhammad said.

So… grievences.

Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer from Florida who is the lead attorney for Bradford’s family, said black people have been victims of a racist criminal justice system for many years. While black men make up only 7 percent of the U.S. population, they make up more than 40 percent of the people in prison and almost 50 percent of the people on Death Row, Crump said.

Oh fuck.  Here comes Trayvon Martin 2.0.  Actually this is worse because (so far) there is no evidence that Bradford committed a criminal act, and the shooter was a police office.  I am not suggesting Bradford was anything like Treyvon, only that the same sort of case pre-judgement and ensuing social unrest will occur.

“Either black men are some evil, nefarious, thuggist, criminal-minded people, or the criminal justice system is broken,” Crump said. “I refuse to believe that black men are worse than any other men walking the face of the Earth.”

Le’Darius Hilliard, president of the Jefferson County Millennial Democrats, said black men all over the country have been killed for being black, and now it’s happening here in Alabama.

That last part almost made me laugh.  He needs to check his history because it was Democrats who were killing black men for being black for 150 years in this state.

Hilliard described himself as being like Martin Luther King Jr. because he believes in nonviolent protesting, and described Chaverst as being like Malcolm X, who challenged his followers to defend themselves against white aggression “by any means necessary.”

Hilliard said the protesters are in a phase now that if authorities don’t know that protesters aren’t playing with them, no change will take place.

“If we don’t shut down traffic on I-65 and make everybody that’s getting off work feel very uncomfortable for three to four hours and we don’t walk into Walmart and clear the whole building out and no sales tax dollars are being made and we don’t clean out parking lots all across the city of Hoover that’s selling and making sales tax dollars in the city of Hoover — If we don’t shut the whole city of Hoover down, nothing will happen,” Hilliard said.

Great… this will only make people side with them more.

If someone can show me any evidence that the officer had any malicious or racist intent, I would be proud to sit on that jury and convict.  Until then, these seems to me to have been just a shit-storm of tragedy.

Shutting down the interstate that feeds Birmingham, harming business, and annoying the hell out of people who are not racist won’t help their cause.

Muhammad said police have no problem arresting black people who are killers, “but we want justice when it comes to those rogue police officers.”

Muhammad said the Nation of Islam is not on the front lines in the protests because “the Nation of Islam does not subscribe to the theory of nonviolence. If they were to go out there and physical confrontations occurred, they would fight back, he said. “If we go out there, we ain’t going out there to play,” Muhammad said.

But the Nation of Islam people in Birmingham support the protest 1,000 percent, he said.

NOI is there to bring the violence.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, Muhammad played a video clip from a Louis Farrakhan speech he said was in Birmingham in 1990. In the clip, Farrakhan told the crowd that when Birmingham elected a black mayor, whites began to flee the city, and when blacks began to move into formerly all-white neighborhoods, whites began to move out.

“They took their money and their businesses, and they set up a new town — a new city, and they called it Hoover,” Farrakhan said. “They built up shopping malls to attract you from Birmingham, that you will spend your money in Hoover where you don’t live. Hoover’s tax base will be able to expand from your money, that they may give to their citizens.”

Farrakhan encouraged black people to quit spending their money in Hoover and instead take over downtown Birmingham and build it up.

Muhammad said “we didn’t heed the call 28 years ago, but we’ve got to heed it now. Hoover does not want us there, so we have to build up our own city, build up our own people.”

Faya Ora Rose Toure, a civil rights activist and attorney from Selma, told the crowd there has been no movement in civil rights in Alabama for a long time.

“Alabama has been too silent, too long,” she said. “We are at a critical stage in our struggle, but I am encouraged because there is a movement going on in Birmingham, Alabama. Nobody should go to Hoover to buy a single thing.”

Ain’t that just like Social Justice.  The Civil Rights Movement fought to end segregation and these people fight to bring it back.

Chaverst said protesters are just beginning the fight in Hoover.

“Hoover is already on the decline economically,” he said. “They’re going broke, and we’re going to help them go broke. … We have shut down the Riverchase Galleria. We have shut down the movie theater. We’ve shut down the Sam’s Club in Hoover. We have stopped these happy white folk from lighting up a Christmas tree. We went to the mayor’s house and interrupted his entire Ross Bridge neighborhood. We will shut down every single thing in Hoover until justice is served not only for this family, but until we make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Great plan, make the white people who did nothing wrong suffer.  That can only end well.

Eric Guster, a black Birmingham attorney, said in a Facebook video to thousands of followers that he isn’t taking sides on the issue but wanted to explain some of the legal issues involved in the case.

Even if evidence indicates the Hoover police officer shot Bradford from behind, the shooting still could be ruled justified if it is determined the officer feared for his life or the life of someone else in the mall, Guster said. He compared it to someone shooting an intruder in their home from behind when the intruder is attacking their children.

In active shooter situations, officers don’t necessarily have to give verbal commands before they shoot, Guster said. And officers are trained to shoot to kill in such situations, he said. “You don’t shoot to hurt. You eliminate the threat,” he said. “Even if a person’s back is turned, if they fear for the life of someone else, they can use deadly force.”

Also, Guster said he’s aggravated that a black man was shot by the police, but he doesn’t have all the information. He would like to see the videos of the shooting, he said.

However, from a legal perspective, “it’s very important that they don’t share the video (right now),” Guster said. “When you have hundreds of witnesses, dozens and probably hundreds of witnesses, you don’t want them to see information you are about to ask them about because people will lie and change their testimony to shape what they saw in reference to a shooting or an event.

“They need to make sure that the investigation is carried out properly, and it does take time,” Guster said. “It’s probably right that they don’t release that tape until they complete the investigation because it’s going to absolutely taint the investigation if it’s released.”

People could try to intimidate witnesses seen on the video to testify a certain way, and the jury pool could be tainted as well, he said. “You want to make sure the investigation is carried out thoroughly and it comes to a fair conclusion.”

Holy shit, that is a reasonable and moderate assessment of the situation.  They are going to turn on Guster and burn him at the stake for it.

Guster said he does take issue with police allowing the Riverchase Galleria to reopen to the public about eight hours after the shootings take place.

“The entire 2.5 million square feet of the mall is a crime scene,” he said. “It’s shameful that they opened the mall so fast.”

I understand that, I really do.  However, the next day was Black Friday and I can imagine the pile of shit the police chief and mayor would have been in from businesses if they kept the mall closed on Black Friday.

That was a tough one.

It seems that a tempest is brewing just south of Birmingham.

So far I haven’t heard of reports of riots on the local news, but Ben Crump, Al Sharpton, and Lewis Farrakhan haven’t had enough time to whip people into a total frenzy yet.  It’s also been cold and rainy.

They make be able to kick off a Baltimore level catastrophe down there, and it sounds like at least a sizable local group wants to too.

The busing in activists from out of town sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.  We’ve seen how that creates huge problems in other cities.

I’m glad that I live two hours north of that, I hope it doesn’t come here.

8 Replies to “A race war is coming to Alabama”

  1. The problem with “Give Them Time,” is that their first intention when it is a bad police shoot; is to delay, obfuscate, and slow walk any police related scandals. Look at the Justine Damond / Mohammed Noor case in Minneapolis. The Minnesota BCA took about four months to investigate a simple police shooting; and the Hennepin County Attorney took another five or six months to decide to charge the officer after he shot an unarmed woman in pajamas. If it was Joe Citizen they would have charged him the next day.

    That said, we had similar activist groups doing stupid stuff like blocking I-94 or the MSP Airport road to protest other police shootings. The blockades lost them a lot of support from otherwise sympathetic people, but it did “energize” their radical supporters.

    Otter’s Law: Often it is all about keeping the core supporters fired up, no matter how stupid and futile the gesture is.

  2. In the immortal words of one called Han Solo, I gotz a bad feeling aboot this…

    These race baiters are bringing this crap to the south. This is not going to be at some progtard “utopia” city like Portland or Baltimore where the local guvment and popos turn a blind eye to the shenanigans of these holier-than-thou provocateurs. This is Alabamy.
    These hell-raisers get froggy with the locals & their families, they will get shot. Period, end of story, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
    And this has the potential of snowballing into some real fugly mess. As in National Guard called in & city lock-downs kind of mess. Of course, the invaders will be painted as saints by the MSM while the locals are painted as redneck racist meanies, escalating things further. Then the small local terrorism attacks begin and fan the flames further.


    I wholeheartedly hope I’m way the hell wrong.

    1. MiniMe, Given your scenario, starting to sound like we’re headed for (at best) a repeat of The Troubles from the 70s and 80s Ireland. At worst, this could be the flash in the pan that ignites the whole shit-show.

      Either way, God help us all.

        1. MiniMe, I hope you are wrong as well, but given that Murphy calls the shots more often than not, I’ve learned that planning for failure scenarios makes you look paranoid but prepared. It’s a hard, cynical take on life, but not impossible in the here and now.

  3. Isn’t crossing state lines to riot a federal crime?

    Yeah, if the officer was negligent or intentionally shot without care for getting the right target, bury him under the jail.

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