From CNN:

Michael Bloomberg files to run in Alabama Democratic primary

Here is Trump’s reception at in Tuscaloosa today:

I’ve only lived in Alabama for five years but when I think of things Alabamans love “New York Progressives who want to ban guns, big sodas, deep frying, smoking, and vaping” comes right to the top of my list.

Actually… no.  Quite the opposite really.

I wonder who told Bloomberg that Alabama is the best place to kick off his campaign.

My only hope is that he spends all of his money on his soft turd of a campaign and ends up with nothing leftover to bankroll his gun control groups.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “A reality check for Bloombie”
  1. Oh, I don’t know. A couple billion and he should be able to buy the state legislature and win that state.

  2. Bloomberg? In Alabama? Reminds me of a song…

    (ooh… ooh… ooh…) Well I heard Mr. Bloomberg sing about her
    (ooh… ooh… ooh…) Well I heard ole Bloomberg put her down
    (ooh… ooh… ooh…) Well I hope Mr. Bloomberg will remember

    A southern man don’t need him around anyhow

    …Thanks, Lynyrd. And I’m from New York.

  3. Remind Gunnies that he wants to ban your guns.
    Remind everyone at the soda fountain the Little Mikey wants to ban your Big Gulps, and the California Democrats want to take way your straws too.

    He has banned Salt, Fried Foods, and everything fun in NYC.

    His Nickname in New York City was Nanny Bloomberg. That tells a lot about him.

  4. In the 2008 presidential campaign, Rudy Giuliani was the early front runner and essentially skipped Iowa and NH, and instead focused on Super Tuesday. He lost badly there, and promptly dropped out of the race. Bloomberg will likely follow the same path, especially among today’s fascist left.

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