For any politicians or political aids, the might read this, here is a regular American’s opinion on the use of American troops in combat operations:

I do not give a single, solitary, fuck about Muslims slaughtering other Muslims in Syria or elsewhere.

The number one pastime of Muslims is killing other Muslims.  They have been doing that for over a millennium-and-a-half.  Muhammad died and the first thing the other Muslims did was split into two factions and start killing each other.  They haven’t stopped since.  Our continued presence in the Middle East isn’t going to change that.

Frankly, the busier the Syrians are killing each other, the less likely they are to attack Israel.

Just keep an eye on Iran and be prepared to nuke the shit out of that country if and when they finally developed a nuclear weapon.

As for Mexico.  It is a failed state half under the control of the cartels.

What the cartels do is just ass evil as ISIS.  Burning people alive, execution with chainsaws, mass murder, killing children, etc.

I am tired of the violence that drug dealing brings into our country.  I am tired of reading about the murders by MS-13, who come up through Mexico into our country.

I am tired of reading about truckloads of fentanyl, enough to OD the entire population of several states, coming into our country.

I am tired of a failed Mexico offloading its poor into the US as illegal immigrants.

The US drug economy is estimated to be $100 Billion.  That is $100 Billion that is spent by Americans on drugs going to Mexico and narco-states further south, and not staying in the US to drive the legal domestic economy.

I am tired of reading about the tens of thousands of Americans who OD every year.

If the purpose of the US military is to defend the United States, how about doing with it what its primary mission is and use it to defend the US from the failed narco-state of Mexico.

How about putting the resources of our intelligence community to work locating the cartels and then bombing the fuck out of them.  How about treating cartels as enemy combatants and not criminals and roll in there and light them the fuck up with heavy weapons fire.

When the cartels ride around with M2’s on pickups trucks like ISIS in Iraq, that’s a clear indication we need to go after them with some Abrams and Hellfires dropped from reapers.

I truly do not give a shit about the opinion of the Mexican government, those corrupt bunch of cowards.  Fuck ’em.

I can guarantee that more American lives will be saved by sending troops into Mexico to kill drug traffickers than will be sending troops into Syria or Yemen.

And if it is all a matter of money and the influence of the military-industrial complex, I’ll make you this deal.  I’ll let the military contractors keep all the money they can get out of the hands of the cartels after killing them.  I’d rather have the CEOs of Lockheed, Raytheon, and Northrop-Grumman partying with that cash than Mexican drug lords.  At least I know it will be spent in the US.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “A regular American’s opinion on Mexico and Syria”
  1. On fentanyl — isn’t that generally manufactured in China? Why are we not doing major league sanctions against China for poisoning our citizens?
    Meanwhile, it’s sometimes mentioned that “you have to do something about the demand side”. Sure. But consider recent policies that, in my view, promote demand. One is “safe injection sites”. Another is the widespread adoption of Narcan, creating the appearance (not all that accurate) that OD is no longer a deadly threat.

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