All of this insanity about detaining illegal immigrant children.  In fact all the insanity we see from Progressives and Democrats regarding police shootings, the minority incarceration rate, gun violence, etc, comes down to one simple question:

How hard is it to obey the fucking law?

I get it, some parts of the world suck.  There is a process on how to come to the US and get permission to enter.  It’s no secret.  Our system is about the most transparent and honest in the world.  You don’t need to bribe anybody or know people in power and have favors done.  You just have to show up at the right location with the right paperwork.

I know it sucks to be be poor in America.  Drug dealing and the types of behaviors gangs engage in to make money is illegal.  If you want to get out of poverty, the rules are pretty simple: stay in school and get an education, don’t commit crimes and go to jail, find a job and put effort into it.  If you can do those three things, in all likelihood you won’t spend you life in poverty.

To listen to some people, not paying a coyote to sneak you across the desert, not wading across the Rio Grande and hoping a fence, not dropping out of school to deal drugs is not an option.


How hard is it to obey the fucking law?

We’re not talking about immoral laws like “black people can’t drink out of white water fountains.”  We’re talking about laws like “show up at a port of entry” or “don’t sell narcotic on the street.”  Those are not morally dubious.

How hard is it to obey the fucking law?

I feel like so much of the cultural gulf is society, from contention over illegal immigration to minority incarceration to what the fuck happened with Hillary, Trump, and the FBI has to do with some people feeling as though they or others have the right to ignore whatever laws they want.

How hard is it to obey the fucking law?

I’ve said it before I feel more and more like, and I think much of Conservatism feels like, Walter Sobchak screaming into the ether…

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “A simple question”
  1. I found it amusing that Chuck Schumer was asking Trump just to use his pen (he didn’t mention a phone). I guess that concept of “see that the laws are faithfully executed” doesn’t mean anything to his unconstitutional mind. But one wonders if he thought about how such a suggestion could backfire. It would be hard, even for a liberal, to ask for ignoring the law in one case and then insist he obey it in a different case.

    1. I don’t think that would be hard for them at all.

      In fact most of them would deny that’s what they were doing in the first place.

  2. All this brouhaha the progtards are so triggered about was done initially by Obummer-the-chosen-one and Slick-Willie Clinton. Yet progtards remained silent in their consent.
    Now all of the sudden, the progtards are professional humanitarians? I call bullshit, biggly.

    This is yet another DemonKKKrat deflecting measure to distract from the investigations about their criminal/fascist/totalitarian activities.
    Since their whole “Trump is” (insert p.c. ‘ism here) marathon petered out and progtard-funded scandals like Comey-gate, Russia-Russia-Russia and the porn starlet thing didn’t stick, the DemonKKKrats are truly desperate and it shows.
    Doesn’t help matters that spineless RINO’s bending over for them just to score a few political brownie points.

    UGH! So sick of the crap already.

  3. In a free society, one has the right to make bad decisions and / or decisions resulting in breaking a law.

    The questions then are, how obligated is that society to (a) insulate people from the results of their choices, and (b) continue to put up with people making those choices. (Related but not identical.)

  4. Prohibition was bullshit when it was booze and is still bullshit with pot and everything else.

    Selling drugs is fine in a way that border jumping is not.

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