I’m watching She-Hulk.

I’ve suffered through some pretty horrible garbage to bring you analysis of the pop culture and this is no different.

In one scene, She-Hulk is explaining why she occasionally likes being She-Hulk instead of Jennifer Walters.

She says:

“Being able to walk home a night wearing headphones without being afraid.”

Her paralegal responds to that with:

“Every woman’s dream.”

Hod damn, the Leftists that write this are way out of touch.

I’m six-foot, three-inches, 270 lbs of man and I don’t walk down a city street with headphones on.

I’m a security conscious person who understands the importance of situational awareness.

Do these people honestly believe that men can just walk around oblivious to their surroundings and be safe because bro code because guys don’t attack other guys?

No fucking way.

These people live in a bubble that insulates them from reality.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “A stupid line from She-Hulk”
  1. I see it all the time here. Women and men oblivious to the surroundings…. Women out walking or jogging the side of the road (breathing car exhaust!) not facing traffic, earbuds and oblivious…

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