About the suspicious pacakges found today.

The alleged devices found at locations related to Soros, Clinton, CNN and lately Debbie Wasserman Schulz have been mostly greeted on my side by either indifferent silence or a big “So?”

The mood has changed.

There is a side that should take that in consideration. Unfortunately they won’t.


4 Replies to “About the suspicious pacakges found today.”

  1. Seriously, 100% of CNN is nothing but these packages. When the same thing happens to a conservative, it is yawns on the part of the news.

    And… I think it is a false flag as well. Way too convenient given the election less two weeks away.

    Alternately, I would not be surprised to find out they were sent by some leftist for some stupid reason.

    Either way, conservatives generally do not act this way. Too sneaky.

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