The police say the first shooting was justified.

When the driver came back to finish the robber off, that was a second incident and a criminal one.

Now a guy who legally defended himself is going to go to prison because he got angry and did something stupid and murderous.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “After the threat is neutralized, don’t let your emotions get the better of you”
  1. In no way do I support mandatory testing to exercise a Right.

    That being said, taking a good class with a good use of deadly force component has significant value. With that knowledge, the second shooting would not have happened.

    1. This is Florida which requires 8 hours of training. He had the class. He just got stupid angry.

      1. Florida does not require any set number of hours of training.
        Chapter 790.06 (2)(h).
        But yes, he was stupid.

  2. I don’t condone his actions, but I will say there is one person involved who’ll never rob someone at an ATM again.

  3. The good news: The victim is ONLY being charged with Aggravated Assault for pumping TEN Extra Rounds into the robber. Why? Because the coroner said the first two LAWFUL shots would have killed him. The ten shots just hastened the process, therefore Aggravated Assault. I wonder if he was completely dead, would they call the ten extra desecrating a corpse?

    The bad news? If he is convicted he loses his Firearm rights FOREVER, as well as being bankrupted by legal bills. Probably spends years in a PMITA Prison. If he was married, do you think it will last all this?

    More good news? The dead robber’s two accomplices are getting charged for his death.

    1. Actually, the news report says aggravated battery (i.e., with a firearm). Interesting case.

      This update says that he has a hearing on August 12th:

      It also looks like he may have shot the assailant with the assailant’s own pistol while on the phone to 911 and claiming that the attackers were shooting at him. THAT might be a problem, too…

  4. Yes, good news the accomplices are being charged. The Law of Parties is a good law. Be glad that you have it in Florida.

  5. Too bad the “Law” doesnt have corrective glass’s.
    Imo…he saved the looser, from a lfe of constant prison and victimizing others

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