HAMPTON, S.C — Authorities in South Carolina are investigating an early morning shooting at a club in Hampton County that left at least nine people injured.

The State Law Enforcement Division said there were no reported fatalities. The severity of the injuries is unclear.

The SLED says it was asked to investigate by the Hampton County Sheriff’s Office.

It is the second mass shooting in as many days in South Carolina.

On Saturday, gunfire erupted at a mall in Columbia, South Carolina.

Nine people were shot and five were injured while fleeing.

One arrest has been made.

9 hurt in club shooting in South Carolina (newschannel5.com)

All the explanation you need was nicely parsed at the bottom of the article.

It is likely Saturday’s shooting was an isolated incident and was a result of an on-going conflict, police said.

Can you say “gang activity” boys and girls?

PS: Too early to use the proper gender identifier.

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