I have a good friend whose wife found a lump in her breast.  Before they got her in for her appointment they went on lockdown.  She didn’t get into the doctor for almost a year.  By the time she saw the doctor it metastasized and she had a full double mastectomy.

His wife nearly died of cancer to spare her the risk of a bad flu (she’s only in her early 50s).

What happened to his wife made my seethe.

If that was my wife, I’m pretty sure after a week delay I’d be taking hostages and having my wife get a mammogram and biopsy at gunpoint.

This is even more infuriating.

This woman has a grater chance of death, and her baby even more a chance of death, from a pregnancy related heart condition than COVID.

The unvaccinated have been declared such untermenschen that letting them die of known preexisting conditions because of their vaccine status has become acceptable.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Alabama doctor is not the only one harming patients over vaccine compliance”
  1. I met a lot of doctors professionally and personally since my coming to the US. What I noticed was growing orthodoxy of the profession through the decades.

    The old American trained doctors were open to discussion and to trying various solutions and approaches till they figured out the best way to solve the problem. Patient came first.

    But the fresher the MD from the med school, the more ‘guideline’ that MD became. Still, there were some remnants of understanding of scientific method.

    The newest American-trained crop is just following the manual. The very newest ones are ignorant to boot, as their training changed in the last years, going from class to ‘groups’, look into it, it is insane.

    As for the foreign-trained docs, I would skip anyone from Western Europe. They are the ‘manual’ type regardless of age and authoritarian to boot.

    Eastern-European, especially older ones, are more freedom loving and more like old American docs. But not the very young ones.

    I had good luck with afgani and Chinese, but again, middle-aged and older generations

    The older generations are retiring in droves right now.

    It will only get worse

    Imagine West Europe, but with weaker scientific background.

    1. Two of our best family doctors are immigrants, one from Korea, one from Bangla Desh. They are both happy to say “I don’t know that, let me look it up”. And the latter recognized a fairly exotic medical condition that all the others had completely overlooked — readily cured by small but highly specialized surgery (parathyroid — done better than anywhere else by far by a specialist in Tampa).

  2. We have lots of great medical professionals in this country.

    We also have lots who are sanctimonious, liberal partisans and awful human beings, though I’m being redundant.

  3. A friend’s wife had a high-risk pregnancy, the kind with a very real risk of uterine rupture. (For those unaware, uterine rupture results in massive internal blood loss, such that if the mom-to-be is not already at the hospital, she’ll almost certainly bleed out in 10 minutes or less.)

    A Cesarean was required and the OB/GYN tried to impress that it must be done at 37 weeks gestation to avoid labor and lower the risk of rupture, but the hospital would not schedule it before 39 weeks. Because insurance.

    On top of that, they refused to admit her at all unless she was fully vaccinated or submitted to the nasal swab test and it came back negative. Because COVID.

    In order to get a C-section before 39 weeks without being vaccinated, she would have to come into the ER in full labor AND test negative.

    Read that again. Mom-to-be presented a very real likelihood of uterine rupture if she went into labor — fatal in 10 minutes or less — but the hospital would not admit her or deliver the baby before 39 weeks unless she was already in labor. Because she might have COVID.

    Thankfully her case resolved fine. Doctor “arranged” a few things to get her in on terms the hospital would have to accept, but that doesn’t negate that the hospital was more than willing to risk her and her baby’s lives over a virus with 99.8% survivability.

    As the video said: Un-f***ing-real.

    1. Some angry husband is going to take hostages in a hospital. Tell me you are putting my wife at 90% risk of death of something serious to avoid a 0.002% risk of COVID death and doctors will be doing their jobs at literal gunpoint.

      1. And if my wife accidentally dies while being treated, the hospital will need to find new “medical practioners” to replace the ones they just lost. Not counting the bureaucrats running the place.

  4. A lady I work with has cancer and last month or so, her oncologist told her about how many people missed their treatments or diagnoses because of the Wuhan lockdowns. Shameful.

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