I missed this one when it happened because I haven’t been keeping up with the local news as much as I should.

Man accused firing shots outside a Huntsville club stopped by security officer

Remember when we were told it is impossible for someone armed with just a handgun to go up against a shooter armed with an assault rifle, which is why it was fine that Chicken Shit Scot Peterson ran away and we need a new AWB?

Apparently a security guard armed with a handgun stopped a potential mass shooting at a club by someone with an AK.

Also, the security guard is a black woman, and her interview is AMAZING.

She took cover and engaged the potential mass shooter as soon as she saw him.

She had a trauma kit with her and went to retrieve it.

Her only mistake (and I don’t want to sound like an armchair general here) is that she didn’t secure the guy before she went to get the medical supplies so he had a change to escape.

The potential shooter is a convicted felon, recently released from a 14 year prison sentence, so is a prohibited person.  He has been arrested but there is no news yet how he managed to obtain his rifle.

Huntsville police are calling this guard a hero.

So we have a felon with an illegally obtained weapon trying to shoot up a club – presumably because a particular rapper was doing a show there – armed with an assault rifle, taken out by a civilian good gal with a gun, who is probably not some crazy white supremacist carrying a gun because of penis size issues.

I guess this is why this hasn’t been touched by any national news network.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Alabama shooting kills several liberal talking points”
  1. There was a good defensive gun use on the south side of Chicago, at 0500 a woman at a bus stop was approached by a guy with a gun who announced a robbery, she has a concealed carry permit, pulled her gun and shot the guy in the neck, he fled and collasped a block away and died at the hospital. See second City cop blog

  2. This would be the second incident of a female armed with a handgun taking on a man with an AK-Klone: Jeanne Assam at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, December 9, 2007

    1. When I was armed security, I was issued and trained to use handcuffs. The armed security we have at our workplace have handcuffs, so I know it’s legal in Alabama.

      I don’t think security can handcuff someone, put them in a security vehicle, and take them to the police station, but handcuffing them at the scene and waiting for police is acceptable.

      Security needs that power. What if this guy had, instead of running away, picked up his gun and gone back into the fight. Security needs the ability to detain people until police arrive, and to do it in such a way as to decrease the danger to the security officer, i.e., handcuffs.

      1. Indeed security needs such power, but I figured politicians hadn’t actually granted it. So it sounds like AL get it right and FL gets it wrong.
        I suppose if politicians force you to choose between protecting innocents and going for your first aid kit, the innocents get priority. If the perp dies as a result that’s his bad luck, and the fault is with the politicians. But unfortunately the bad consequences are likely to land on the security person instead.

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