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Young man walked miles for first day of work, gets car from CEO

On his first day of work at a location nearly 20 miles from his house, a young man in Alabama said he was left with one option to get there: Walk.

After Walter Carr’s car broke down, he was faced with the dilemma of how to get to his job site the next morning — it was going to be his first day with Bellhops moving company. He decided to leave his house in Homewood at midnight, after sleeping for four hours, and begin the trek to the home of the family he was going to help move.

Along the way, Carr sat down because his legs were hurting and he was stopped by Officer Mark Knighten of Pelham Police Department, the department told ABC News. He told Knighten that he had eight to 10 miles left to go in the journey.

Officers Carl Perkinson and Klint Rhodes pulled up shortly after, the Pelham police added, and all three officers took the young man to breakfast.

At 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning, another officer, Scott Duffey, brought Carr to the home of Jenny Lamey, where was set to meet his new colleagues and begin helping her family move.

Duffey told Lamey about Carr’s trek and asked if he could hang out at the home until the rest of the Bellhops crew arrived.

“My heart just stopped,” Lamey told ABC News.

She said she offered Walter food and a couch to lie down on until 8:00 a.m., but he insisted they get to work.

Lamey said she thought about his all-night walk and how he now would lift heavy boxes in the excruciating heat and it blew her away.

The customer hears this and reports it up through the company.

[Bellhops CEO] Marklin drove from his home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Homewood, Alabama, to meet Carr for lunch.

While Carr walked 30 minutes to meet Marklin, he did not know that the Lamey family, Pelham police and his colleagues were all at a nearby hotel waiting to surprise him.

When he arrived, the entire group was there and Marklin gave him the keys to the SUV he drove to Alabama, a Ford Escape.

So what are the important bullet points.

A young black man and college student has a breakdown.  He shows dedication to his employer on his first day and hoofs it to the job site.  The (white) police don’t shoot him for “existing while black” and instead buy him breakfast and take him to the job site.  The (white) customer is so impressed by this man’s dedication that she notifies his employer about it.

The (white) CEO of the company is so impressed that he rewards this young man with a moderately priced (plate fees in AL are based on the value of the vehicle) reliable car.

It is a feel good story about a hard working man (being a CEO is not easy) rewarding the efforts of another hard working man.

This is beautiful.  I hope Mr. Carr goes far with his dedication and work ethic.

Lee County Alabama is a county in southern Alabama, best known for being the home of Auburn University.  Current population is about 140,000 with at least 23,000 being students.

This is how the Lee County Alabama Democrats responded to this story.

So the CEO of a company went out of his way to reward the hard work and dedication of one of his employees and all the Lee County Democrats can do is shit all over it and capitalism in general.

This story took place outside of Birmingham.  You know what exist 20 miles outside of Birmingham?  Corn and cotton fields.  Show me a robust public transpiration system that will work in a city of 212,000 people and will take them 20 miles out into farmland?

This furthermore proves that the Democrats simply hate business owners, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs.  They complain when the don’t do enough for their employees.  When they do, they shit on it anyway.

The racial aspect of a couple of white cops, a white customer, and a white CEO praising and helping out a poor black kid who proves himself with dedication to his job?

If I bought into the Democrat bullshit, I’d of expected the cops or the customer to have shot this kid for being black or for the CEO to have fired him for the same reason.

Instead, everyone acted with decency and caring, and the Democrats just hand handle that.

For the majority of people, this was a wonderful story.

For the Democrats, this was a parable about the evils of capitalism, CEO’s, and racism.

All they have to do is not be insane and they just can’t handle it.




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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “All that have to do is not be insane – Lee County Democrats edition”
  1. And the dumbacrats cant figure out why they losing …. also shows how no matter what you do you can. NEVER make dems happy.

  2. The Democrats have given up all pretense of knowing what life is like more than fifteen miles from a Starbucks.

  3. Worth noting, the @jbouie is named is Jamelle Bouie, according to his Twitter profil. He also describes himself as’s Chief Political Correspondent and a CBS News Analyst.

    He lives in Washington, D.C. Because, of course he does.

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