All they have to do is not be crazy and instead they go batsh*t over Kennedy

Justice Anthony Kennedy was born on July 23, 1936.

He was confirmed to the Supreme Court by the Senate on February 3, 1988.

When he retires on July 31, 2018, he was be 82 years and 8 days old and will have served on the Supreme Court for 30 years, 5 months, 28 days.

He  has earned every right as an octogenarian with 30 years  of service to the Supreme Court to retire with dignity and enjoy his golden years.

I can understand why with all the protests that happen surrounding the highly politically charged SCOTUS cases recently, he wants to retire now before things get even more out of hand.

So after being the court’s most well regarded tiebreaker, especially for civil liberties.  Kennedy was in the majority for Heller, McDonald, and Obergefell.

So how did Slate choose to honor his retirement?

Anthony Kennedy Just Destroyed His Legacy as a Gay Rights Hero

The man who broke the tie on Obergefell destroyed his legacy?  How?

On Wednesday, we learned the answer, and it’s a grim one for LGBTQ Americans. Their marriage rights were secure so long as Kennedy sat on the court with four liberals. In his absence, there is a very real chance that nationwide marriage equality will become a thing of the past.

Given that logic, Kennedy would destroy his gay rights legacy by being moral and dying on the bench.

To read the Left, you’d get the impression that the Court can just reverse precedent by a previous decision by a show of hands vote at 4:45 on a Friday before going out for drinks.  Once Kennedy retires a new Justice can show up and say “you know what, show of hands, who wants to get rid of gay marriage” and Obergefell goes away.  Of course SCOTUS doesn’t work like that, but facts and hysterics rarely go together.

If this sort of “you can’t retire or we curse your name” isn’t crazy enough for you, the far Left of the Democrats have gone into finger painting with their own poop on a padded wall level of insanity.

Enter The New Republic.

Trump’s relationship with Justice Kennedy sounds shady in this new report.

In the immortal words of multiple Academy Award nominee John Malkovich:

Seriously? What the fuck?

“Say hello to your boy. Special guy.”

Donald Trump spoke those words to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, shortly after ending his first speech to a joint session of Congress in February of 2017 according to a New York Times report that was published on Thursday evening. Trump was referring to Kennedy’s son, Justin, a banker who worked at Deutsche Bank for over a decade. Deutsche Bank was, notably, the only important financial institution that would work with Trump after his bankruptcies in the 1990s, lending him over $1 billion. Last year, the Financial Times reported that Kennedy’s son was “one of Mr Trump’s most trusted associates over a 12-year spell at Deutsche.” New York fined Deutsche Bank $425 million for its role in a Russian money laundering scheme in January of 2017. Kennedy announced that he was retiring after thirty years on the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

I think I see where this article is going, so let me get this straight

The New Republic is insinuating that Justice Kennedy is retiring to open up a SCOTUS vacancy before the “blue wave” as a personal favor to Trump because Kennedy’s son lent Trump money almost three decades before Trump ran for President?

Lets continue.

Finance is, of course, deeply involved in every level of American government; the connections between Trump and Kennedy have been reported over the last two years. There is no reason to believe that Kennedy’s ties to Trump affected any of his votes. But as this new report details, these ties coincided with “a quiet campaign” to ensure Kennedy’s retirement and give Trump a chance to fill a spot on the Supreme Court.

Yep, they went there.  Holy FUCK!!!

There is something called the Principle of Parsimony, also known as Occam’s razor.  It says “a scientific and philosophical rule that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities.”

Simple: Justice Kennedy will be 82 years old and wants to retire to spend time with his family.

The New Republic: Kennedy and Trump have engaged in a 30 year long conspiracy to get a Justice to the Supreme Court that one day Trump could use his persona relationship with to get to retire before a highly contested midterm.

That, of course requires Trump to get elected, which requires Hillary to run, which…

You know what, The New Republic would have more credibility on this if they said that Reptilians from the planet Draco conspired with the Bilderbergers and World Wide Confederation of Jewish Bankers to orchestrate Kennedy’s retirement on Trump’s behalf.

This is so unbelievably batshit crazy that even Maxine Waters hasn’t started down this path yet.

This is where the radial Left is now.

3 Replies to “All they have to do is not be crazy and instead they go batsh*t over Kennedy”

  1. “…Reptilians from the planet Draco conspired with the Bilderbergers and World Wide Confederation of Jewish Bankers to orchestrate Kennedy’s retirement on Trump’s behalf.”

    LOL you mean they DIDN’T?

  2. No surprising at all. Once the progtard’s Miniluv notices any dissension in the ranks, the progtard’s Minitrue takes over and begins a smear campaign to make an example of anyone who is against their group-think, and doubles as a fear campaign to keep their minions in line.

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