I watched the CNN town hall on guns that Chris Cuomo hosted.

It took a long time because I had to keep pausing it to let my blood pressure come down.

This is the opening of that town hall, in which Chris Cuomo attacks the NRA for not wanting to be on CNN a second time.

All you have to know is that a year-and-a-half ago at the CNN town hall after Parkland, CNN provided total coverage for a sheriff that was found to have been in such derlicition of duty TIWCE, that the governor kicked him out and the state court affirmed his firing.

CNN made him look like a hero.

Chris Cuomo is the most mendacious person on television.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “All you need to know about the bias at CNN”
  1. At the Parkland townhall, Dana Loesch showed up on NRA’s behalf, performed admirably in an obviously hostile environment (not the “good faith” discussion that was promised)…

    … and as thanks has been subject to vile death threats ever since, some credible enough that she has changed residences.

    CNN is not calling out or condemning those death threats, even though they are well-publicized. Instead, they’re doing another townhall just like the last one.

    CNN operates in bad faith. And then they’re surprised nobody from NRA wants to show up again?

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