So it turns out that Keith Lamont Scott did have a gun on him when he was shot by Charlotte police, and that gun was, in fact, stolen.

Still, the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott is still all my fault and your fault.  I know it was my fault because Black Lives Matter says that my existence as a white person contributes to a system of oppression that murdered Scott because he was black.

It turns out that I (and you) are also to blame because we gun owners let too many of our guns get stolen, and we don’t report them as stolen when we find out they are missing.

This I don’t get.  It seems like according to Bloomberg, if I had a short stack of hundreds go missing, I’d be pissed.  If one of my Sigs grows legs and wanders off, I won’t care.  Really?

I know where all of my guns are.  With the exception of my bedroom gun and CCW piece, the rest are stored inside of a big steel box with a S&G lock on it.  Next step is to install an alarm and put a motion detector in the garage to watch over the safes while I’m not there.  If one of my guns goes missing, I’ll know it, and yes, I’ll tell the cops about it.  I’m not going to expose myself to the liability of having a crime pinned on me.

Buy a safe people.

I have been known to leave a gun in my car.  I’ve had to.  Some places don’t allow CCW and I’m not leaving my gun at home.  But this is too much of a temptation to criminals, who will break into cars and lock boxes for guns  so it’s still my fault when they steal them.  It is so much of my fault to temp criminals that if my gun is stolen, I should be prosecuted for endangerment.

Criminals just can’t help themselves.  If they know a gun is nearby, they just have to take it.  Then when they get killed by a cop for having a (stolen) gun on them, their blood is on my hands.

I’m sorry I didn’t know it was wrong to wear a skirt that was too short leave a gun in my trunk and get that poor criminal killed.  My bad.  Next time I’ll wear something less revealing leave my gun at home or better yet wear a burka not own one.

To the family of Keith Lamont Scott, I’m sorry your relative or one of his associates couldn’t help himself around some gun owner’s Colt Goverment 380 and had to pinch it, and that my white skin and the gun that I occasionally leave in my car got Keith killed.  I guess I learned my lesson for next time.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “All your fault”
    1. Oddly enough petty thieves don’t know collector’s values. In fact a Mint Original walker colt cap-and-ball revolver is worth less on the street than a rusty hi-point.

      To Mr. Scott it was just a concealable .380, probably a 9 or .40 would be worth more, and say a Hammerli target pistol is worth almost nothing.

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