By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Allow me to circle back..”
  1. Major: General Sir! The enemy is shelling our advance and has mined the retreat what are we to do?

    General: Well first and foremost I have promoted Becky to our CASEVAC liaison

  2. These idiots actually believe that putting a woman in charge is somehow an answer. Seriously. They can and will say it with a straight face.

    Is there a reason why a woman cannot lead the SBA? No. No reason why it has to be a man.

    But, just because you are a woman does not qualify you to run a federal agency. Takes a bit more than the correct plumbing.

    Yet, here is a Presidential administration making a statement that your small business will be just fine because a woman was nominated to the SBA. And, 80+ million people wanted that.

    1. Remember that this is the same principle they applied to pretty much all the cabinet officers. The whole crowd is an affirmative action club, nothing more. No competence required or looked for.

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