I know, it should have been finished by now, but between family medical issues and changing the motivation of the Bad Guy in the book and that cascading the hell out of rewriting some passages, made for basically a two month slow-and-stop on the process.

I am about 3 chapters out from finishing. Then I shall follow Ask Correia’s rules and let it sit for a month before re-reading it and fix the first batch of obvious mistakes. Then I’ll do the Alpha Reader thing and send the book out for initial autopsy. Then I have to figure what comes next.

Funny thing, what I intended to be a single book is now officially a two book thing. I was not very happy with the ending of the now officially First Book: It has the right and logic ending, but not the proper ending, I wanted something more spectacular. And also I realize that I didn’t do a whole lot of background history on the good guys and before I realized it, I ended up with the makings of a book that will be both a prequel and a sequel. And yes, the ending will be something spectacular.

And here is something to wet your beak.

Now, your question was, are we killers? Yes, most definite, we have killed people. But that is the wrong question, you should have asked ‘are we murderers?’ and no, we are not. We killed only those who sought to harm us or our family. We still hold the high moral ground: we did not go looking for trouble, nor we incited anybody to do us harm. We were living our lives in peace till somebody made a mistake selecting his next victim and paid with his life.

Understand this: We are the most dangerous human beings in Caribol right now. They don’t know it yet because of their own hubris, but the moment they figure out that two peasants, two serfs have decided to use deadly force against them with all the Moral Righteousness of a truly Free Man, they will unleash all their might upon us as our attitude can be contagious to the pacified masses. Our only advantage is that they really do not know how to fight the virus of a pissed-off righteous man and will repeat what works with others but not us. We are the stuff of horror films, The Thing That Would Not Stop.

If we are lucky, it will come to a moment where allowing us to leave this country will be the cheapest option for everybody. If we are not here, we cannot ‘infect’ anybody else or stop being an embarrassment. They hate being embarrassed.  It is going to take a lot of losses on their part to accept that solution and that means we must be willing to inflict those losses.

I hope we don’t have to.

Goes without saying that the above is copyrighted and all legal kinds of hell will be bear upon anybody who wants to profit from it.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Almost done with the book…OK, the first writing only.”
  1. I may be wrong, but I believe, “high moral ground” should read: “moral high ground”. Also, I again may be wrong, but I believe, “nor we incited anybody” should read: “nor did we incite anybody.”
    I look forward to the final release, Miguel.

  2. Please consider me for a proofreader. One of my biggest peeves (not peaves) is spellcheck and/or autocorrect screwing up the writer. Also – not to terrify you too much – you have a habit of dropping articles and prepositions or misplacing modifiers. It may be OK on your blog but you probably don’t want it in your novels.

    stay safe.

    1. Miguel: I’d take a crack at that, too, if you don’t mind. We borderline-OCD Grammar-Nazis make the worst (and best) proofreaders and spell-checkers. 😉

  3. Dear God! I am surrounded by these! LOL

    OK, Archer and Skid get the job. That means you both agree first and then send the clean job.

    Full contact fight rules applies between you two.

  4. Ditto to be allowed the privelege of a proof read here.

    I generally focus on the story & narrative though since the minutiae of where a comma goes etc is not my strong suit.

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