This is the greatest thing I’ve seen.

Time for American truckers to do the same.

Actually this is the best time for a strike like this.

Australia shouldn’t be locked down this tight.

The Australian elite who want lockdowns. Who can make money by teleworking and live off delivery will be hardest hit.

I can’t think of a more appropriate strike that will hit the responsible party the most.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Alright America, your turn – Update”
  1. i think the Australian Truckers are only following the wishes and directives of the Australian Government. The truckers should be applauded for staying home to avoid spreading the Chinese Coronavirus Plague.

    The Australian Government are the same government that gunned down innocent little dogs in a pound to prevent rescue workers from driving out to pick up the dogs. Remember this?:

    How can this dog killing government say the truckers are doing wrong by not driving and spreading illness by staying home?

  2. The Really Sad Part?

    The Australian National Government is run by the “Liberal Party,” which is the “Conservative” party of Australia.

    Conservatives are the BAT Sh!t Crazy Party in Australia.

    1. I guess it’s like Portland, where the far left moron mayor they have now was recently re-elected because he’s the less crazy and less far left moronic choice out there.

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