Alyssa Milano endorses school shootings

This from Alyssa Milano:

This is a Netflix show about a high school revenge fantasy.

This is the kind of thing that causes school shooters.


“I’m fat/nerdy/dateless/unpopular/ugly/uncool/etc. and so I’m going to get my revenge on everyone who picked on me” is a common theme in every manifesto left by every school shooter I can think of.

But because this girl apparently gets her revenge with sex and presumably lighting someone on fire, instead of an AR-15, Alyssa Milano is proud to bring it to you.

This is disgusting.

This is the contact number for Netflix.  Tell them how you feel about this.


4 Replies to “Alyssa Milano endorses school shootings”

  1. “I’m fat/nerdy/dateless/unpopular/ugly/uncool/etc. …”

    Somehow I don’t think Alyssa Milano is or was any of those things.

    1. That depend on whether you look at her exterior, or you look at her character and what passes for her mind. Sure, she looks decorative, but then again, so does Kim Yo-jong.

  2. Movies don’t cause violence. Neither do video games, rap music, roleplaying games, heavy metal, pornography, rock and rock, jazz, or any other goddamn form of media.

    Violent PEOPLE cause violence.

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