Alyssa Milano shows what’s wrong with the Left in two Tweets

Alyssa Milano sent out this Tweet:

She wants to raise money for the people seeking asylum at our Southern Border. The people, who by recognized international law should have asylum in Mexico and do not have the right to pick which nation they get to claim asylum in. The same people who are throwing rock at US border patrol and getting violent with Mexican border patrol and Federales when entering from Central America.

Not two weeks before she Tweeted this:

The California Camp Fire is now the deadliest forest fire in California history.

As of the last update, 87 people are dead, 250 are missing, and $7 Billion in damage has been done.

Thousands of people are homeless and have lost everything they had. Everything.

Why should she care? Milano’s children and horses are safe and she only lost her vacation home in the mountains. Why should she worry about her neighbors in California?

It’s far more virtuous and anti-Trump to support people trying to enter our country illegally than middle class Americans whose entire lives have been reduced to ash.

This is the Liberal Elite in two Tweets help the illegals and screw Americans, as long is it doesn’t hurt them.

3 Replies to “Alyssa Milano shows what’s wrong with the Left in two Tweets”

  1. I guess she’s not as famous as she thinks she is. If she wants to donate a hundred grand to the illegals, tell her to write a f**ing non-tax-deductible check. Better yet, tell her to write twice that amount to help the fire victims. At least, that would be tax deductible.
    That meme about needing firemen and needing cops, but never having needed a celebrity entertainer — so, so true!


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