Alyssa Milano tweeted this:

First of all, the whole point to the bonnet in Gilead was to keep women’s faces from being seen by men.  It was imposed for exactly the same reason as a Burqa, except it was modeled on the garb of Dutch Mennonite.  Atwood tried to create the most repressive Christian society she could and came up with… Iran.  Proving once again, Liberals can’t write sci-fi that fits their narrative in any believable way.

So wearing a small bonnet while giving us a half angry, half bedroom-eyes, “I’m an actress who made my career on looking sexy but this is serious and I can’t make my face look serious” expression isn’t making her point quite as well as she thinks it does.

Second, the idea of anybody from Hollywood saying we are getting close to Gilead is as over the moon out of touch.

If there is anywhere in America where young, fertile looking women are forced into sexual relationships that they don’t want but have to participate in, all the while the entire political and legal structure of the society they live in is run by wealthy, powerful men trading in sex and influence keeping these women from fighting back, it is Hollywood.

Hollywood is Gilead in sexy clothes and radical Leftism instead Atwood’s perversion of Christianity.

Having someone who is not stranger to the casting couch tell me that my choice for SCOTUS will bring about Gilead is beyond insane.  Then again, TDS is a hell of a mental illness.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Alyssia Milano is nearing peak insufferable”
  1. I’ve heard that show is a sort of interesting, but I won’t watch it based purely on the fact that it is so often cited and heralded by left wing lunatics. We don’t need to fiction to see societies in which women are subordinated and used as property, we need only turn our attention to Muslim nations. Something ignored by the left.

    1. The book was ludicrous. If you feel like inflicting the material on yourself, there’s a 20+ year-old movie.

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