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So this girl (I can call her woman) apparently an adult sees bad shit on TV and her first reaction is hopping on a plane to California and Daddy’s lap.  I can almost bet you she is into the Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement at college and making kissy kissy with Palestinian fans.

So she sees somebody in a MAGA hat in the plane (by now the whole story is starting to smell like week old fish inside an abandoned tire), has some sort of nervous attack and decides to write a missive to the hat wearer expressing why He Bad Support Orange Man.

It is time that American Jews stop being Over Fodder.

“Never again” is the basis for the State of Israel. It does not mean we will wait for a greater power to protect us but that  violence against Israel and its people will be met with even more violence so the Holocaust will not be repeated.

Time to apply the same in Temples and Synagogues across the U.S.

The reason why asshole racist Robert Bowers chose Temple of Life is because it looked like a nice fat soft target filled with the people he hated. If that is what they call Victim Blaming, so be it. Any Temple, any synagogue that ignores the reality of centuries persecution and destruction targeted at Jewish gatherings is doing a disservice to its community.

Even the craziest of Anti Semites thinks twice at a well protected target that will shoot back and to kill. If you have any doubts, go have a vacation in Israel.

Again, if this letter and the writer are for real, the father and mother grew somebody whose last words will be “This can’t be happening to me!”

We feel empathy for victims, not unprepared whiners.

PS: I am sure J. Kb’s and similar parents are NOT preparing their kids for mass execution. Probably the kids will be able to set up interlocking fields of fire and set up booby traps before their Bar Mitzvah.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “American Jews Growing Kids for the Holocaust.”
  1. I wonder.

    If someone were to give a similar letter to a transwhatever making statements that their appearance and lifestyle is scary to others on the plane, or in the restaurant, or grocery store, would they get praised on the internet?

    Would writing some kind of missive that stated you were afraid for your, and other’s children because a man dressed like a woman is trying to use the ladies room be cause for celebration across the internet?

    I doubt it.

    Once again, demonstrating the axiom: It is not the action taken, it is the political affiliation of the person taking the action that is the root cause of the offense.

  2. If she was truly afraid, she’d have done nothing. Had an apparent Arab been on the plain saying hateful things about “Yahudi”, do you think she would have written a letter, or just averted her eyes and tried to act small?

  3. One correction. “Never again” is not the basis of the State of Israel. The basis of the State is the millenial connection Jews have to that holy piece of land and the promise made by God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob about that bit of real estate. “Never again” is the basis of political Zionism. This was the very point that its founder, Theodore Herzl, made. I lift this from Der Judenstaadt, quoted on Wikipedia:

    “The Jewish question persists wherever Jews live in appreciable numbers. Wherever it does not exist, it is brought in together with Jewish immigrants. We are naturally drawn into those places where we are not persecuted, and our appearance there gives rise to persecution. This is the case, and will inevitably be so, everywhere, even in highly civilised countries—see, for instance, France—so long as the Jewish question is not solved on the political level.”

    This woman (if you can call her that) offends me and all others who have at least one parent who survived the Holocaust. My mom faced true terror; both her parents were killed; much of her extended family was killed; and it sure as hell was not a hat that did it.

    Someone who cannot recognize that the existential threat the Jews face comes not from the President but comes from her friends on the left is not really Jewish, as far as I am concerned. She may be of the Hebrew faith, but Judaism is not a faith; it is an eternal community whose members are tied to one another and are responsible for one another. Someone who thinks that the best friend in the White House the Jews have ever had, who has vowed to eradicate anti-semites (not anti-semitism, but anti-semites) is a danger to the Jewish community is herself such a danger.

  4. I wonder if the left will ever apologize for the psychological damage they have inflicted on thousands of people, Jews and otherwise, by their twisted propaganda. No, I don’t think so.
    The “blame the victim” claim is bogus. To state that weapons in the hands of good guys could have stopped the bad guy is no more “victim blaming” than stating that a seat belt can save the life of someone who gets in an accident. Or the accident cause and prevention analysis you find in accident analysis articles in magazines for pilots or skydivers.

  5. Just one question, my little Kosher snowflake.
    ]If you are so ate up with hatred that you won’t recognize someone wearing a MAGA hat (or an NRA hat, or probably a RNC hat) as a fellow American, deserving of the same level of courtesy that you would like to receive yourself…
    …why should anyone wearing one of the hats named above go out of their way to recognize YOU as a fellow American, deserving of that same courtesy?

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