Since our local variety of Gun Rights Activists cannot do anything but go tactical fishing and refuse to do anything unless they can carry a rifle, I figure we can ask Bass Pro Shop to install one of their humongous aquariums inside the Florida State Capitol so there is no more excuse for them not to actually do something for the Gun Rights they presume to love.

Bloomberg is spending a bunch of money and PR talent on getting the Assault Weapons Ballot Amendment passed and you will not hear a peep about what our local gun rights organizations are doing, you know the ones that would do anything better than the NRA? Yes, those people.

If you have not paid attention, the NRA internal problems have pretty much but disappeared from the News Media cycle. But if you are still seeing NRA-Bashing pop in your Social Media, it is more than likely attached to Chest-Thumpers©’ messages    And still, I keep asking those  who want to see the National Rifle Association disappear, what are they doing or will do to take over the lobby duties and I keep hearing either excuses or crickets. I find it funny that the same individuals that were quoting me chapter and verse on information provided by Bloomberg’s The Trace would suddenly develop a convenient need to change the subject when asked what will be done specifically to counter the Gun Control Carpetbaggers.

And the other thing I find rather ironic is that Chest-Thumpers© love to banter about the word “treason.” I wonder what we would have to use on them when the Florida Legislature is forced to pass an Assault Weapons Bill and other anti-gun goodies because they were too busy posing with an AR 15 in the local fishing pier.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “An idea to get Florida Chest-Thumpers© to Lobby in Tallahassee”
  1. I presume these are the same guys who, once the Assault Weapons Ban is actually the law in Florida, will claim that they lost their AR overboard during a fishing trip. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

    1. No, they’re the same ones that will turn them in, or sell them on gunbroker, or give them to out-of-state relatives, and then continue to complain about how the NRA is useless because they weren’t able to stop it.

  2. Not feelng the love this morning, in Calfornia. Within the past week, I received two more screeching NRA fundraising solicitations in the mail, and one from our NRA-sponsored state affiliate–which included a lengthy post-script / disclaimer about how prudently the state affiliate manages its finances (without mentioning the NRA)–so, “trust us.”

    Nope. No more donations for lobbying groups structured as well paying employment gigs for the executives. The traditional lobbying model is terminally outdated and ineffective. Want to make a difference? Act locally and take the fight directly to the political creatures who seek to rule you locally–your local councilmen, state assemblymembers and state senators, your mayor, and your U.S. Congressional Congresscritter. These people hate the light of day, hide from negative attention, and do not want to hear from you. Therefore, Let them hear from you. Loud and clear.

    If the NRA finally makes an honest effort to change itself for the better, I’m all eyes and ears. They have my address, and I’m paid-up through 2022.

  3. Florida Chest-Thumpers© strike me as the type of people that mi abuelas would classify as “ni hacen, ni dejan hacer.”

  4. I’m not going to condemn the NRA for a failure to stop an AWB amendment.

    There’s nothing that can be done to stop the canvassing for signatures to get an amendment referendum. In fact I think there’s a law about interfering with it as long as they’re being lawful about it.

    The new law will make it difficult for the next carpetbagger funded referendum, but… perhaps too late for this run.

    The NRA, and Florida Carry and GOA and and and will need to pull out the stops and get voters to the polls to nuke this referendum.

    Wanna thump your chest from then out? You’d better have a “I Voted” sticker.

    Ideally the state supreme court will rule that it’s unconstitutional by Fed and we’ll be done. They’ve shitcanned other referendums under that standard before.

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