Speaking of TDS causing blinding obtuseness…

Before today, I was vaguely aware of the webcomic, Life of Bria.  It is one of those comics celebrated in Social Justice circles, where the protagonist is some sort of oppressed victim (in this case a trans-woman) and EVERY other character outside of the protagonist’s circle of friends is an oppressive monster.

I mostly ignored it until I saw this trending online, in which the author starts begging for money.

One question: does anybody know where these anti-gay and anti-trans concentration camps are?  We have a railroad track near our house and I’ve never seen cattle cars full of fabulously put together men taken anywhere.

I swear, there is a subset of the Left that are just pure political masochists.

They want nothing more than to feel the sweet, sweet joy of noble self-pity that comes from being oppressed.

Not really oppressed.  Not actually being starved to emaciation while being worked to death doing hard labor.

No, that’s real suffering.  These people just want the perception of oppression to make them into favored victims.

If you want to know why everything in politics seems like such shit, this is why.

How can you have a conversation in good faith with someone who actually believes the first American President to come into office supporting gay marriage is going to set up anti-Gay concentration camps.

You can’t.

But damn it feels good to be a victim.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “An LGBTQ artist show why I can’t take these people seriously”
  1. Vice-Reichführer Pence has been in office nearly three full years now and I still haven’t been sent to Camp Gay-A-Way.

    I’m starting to think, maybe, it isn’t going to happen.

      1. Hundreds, if not thousands, of gay and bisexual men confined to a prison… surrounded by jackbooted guards in fascist uniforms… Probably in some remote corner of the desert Southwest, where we’d be all hot, sweaty, and tanned?

        They’d be able to get plenty of us to go voluntarily just by advertising it on Grindr!

  2. Seriously, Trump is the absolute WORST Hitler ever.
    At this point in his Chancellorship, old GROFAZ had faked the Reichstag fire, pushed the Emergency Decrees through, had a faked election, killed off his enemies and threats in the Night of Long Knives, and had the army swear personal allegiance.

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