One of the more interesting political concepts is the one of Anarcho-Tyranny.

It seems like an oxymoron but it is a system that combines anarchy and tyranny, and very well describes parts of the US and possibly our future.

The idea of Anarcho-Tyranny is actually quite simple, the state is tyrannical on certain subjects and totally anarchist on others, generally relating to socioeconomic status and political orientation.

If you’re a middle-class, law-abiding tax-paying citizen, you live under bureaucratic tyranny.  The state will absolutely fuck you do death over things like paying taxes or fees and bureaucratic regulatory compliance.

It’s when your kid can’t set up a lemonade stand in the front yard without a business license, restaurant license, tax ID number, and a health inspector audit.

But the state is totally unable to – and is generally disinterested in – dealing with things like cities turning into war zones.

Chicago can have 73 shootings and 11 homicides in a weekend and prosecutors are busy dropping charges.

Portland is the model for the Anarcho-Tyranny state.

As Miguel wrote about, some Christians were attacked by Antifa over the weekend.

A Christan concert was set up on that spot, with volunteer security, to make a stand against Antifa.  Antifa did not attack the concert, where they were outnumbered.

As people left the concert and were no longer protected in the venue, they became targets for Antifa.

This is flooring to see for Amercians.

We live in a country where masked people with shields and pepper spray can attack innocent people and hose them down with noxious chemicals and the police do nothing.  They are not even there.

But God forbid you fight back, you will face the wrath of the legal system.  Just ask the McCloskeys or Kyle Rittenhouse about that.

The lesson here is deliberate.

If you are on the side of the politicians in power, you will be protected by Anarchy, to be as violent as you want without fear of the state.

If you are against the side of the politicians in power, you will face the full weight of tyrannical government.

This is how Portland functions and it is the model for the rest of the US.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Anarcho-Tyranny in Portland is the future of America”
  1. Would be easy to cover your face and put a commie flag pin on. 80 lower and sanny ammo and never stop and shut up up wjen your done. Hollow points is the only way to even slow down the end of the country

  2. It’s only a matter of time before the black block is engaged euphemistically ‘beyond visual range’. I don’t know what will precipitate it, best guess is something awful like if they kill or maim a child. I just hope when that happens I’ll get to see the pink mist in 4k UHD.

  3. Until honest citizens stand up and fight , this will continue. Eventually infest the whole Country? I d k. I think it would take YEARS. Maybe big cities as we are seeing now. If and its a yuge IF, citizens wake up and bodily remove the ones allowing this to continue maybe it will change.

  4. “If you are against the side of the politicians in power, you will face the full weight of tyrannical government.”

    Than you change the government. One round at a time, if that’s what it takes. .

  5. Well put. I think if rittenhouse gets fucked that could be the last straw.

    Ive contemplated as much. People submit to the state in the name of being law abiding and are fucked over for it. This ties into my bundy ranch comment from the other day, when someone finally refuses, what are the rest of us going to do about it?

  6. I think Mike Vandebeogh (RIP) said it best about what happens if the Bundy Ranch went hot. Drive all the way to Nevada? Why? There are worse bastards a lot closer.

    My view is it either stops at less than 10,000 bodies, or it goes to 40-50 Million, and 150 Million if some one gets the nuclear release codes.

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