“and doing much more effective job than the Klan ever thought about doing.”

Video does not stop, it jumps to another story. My apologies, not my doing.

And the judge continued:

“The Klan doesn’t exist anymore,” he said. “Who doesn’t care about black lives now? I’ll let you answer that. I’m tired of black men killing black men. If I offended anyone … I can’t help it.”

Judge goes on tirade about black-on-black crime, saying it puts Klan to shame

The sad reality is that he is right: nobody will hear it. The cycle of death will continue unimpeded.


2 Replies to ““and doing much more effective job than the Klan ever thought about doing.””

  1. Just don’t critique the culture, you know…

    I used to be a cultural relativist. Then I got out of school, got a job, and started paying taxes.

  2. Look at the carnage in Chicago. Go to Hey Jackass Dot Com

    78% Black Victims
    13% Hispanic Victims
    7.5% White/Asian/Other Victims

    And no it ain’t the Indiana Klan (probably consisting of three embittered losers, fourteen FBI confidential informants and agents provocateur, nine BATFE deep cover agents, and four ISP stoolies) doing drivebys in Chi town.

    Keep voting Democrat and we can all be like Chicago!

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