Obviously they do not represent an imminent danger of death or grave bodily harm, but I believe a stab on the side of a couple of tires would have been a solution.

Hard to get away with 2 rims eating the macadam.

Always carry a knife, heel carry two knives!

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

15 thoughts on “And nobody had a knife?”
  1. A) I wouldn’t get close enough to film over concerns about getting literal push back from the thieves.
    B) If I did film, I would include the license plates.
    C) They apparently wish to keep their clothes clean.
    D) That store was well stocked with detergent.
    E) The thieves didn’t return their carts.

    1. Plates were off the vehicles. I recall reading years ago an article about how househokd goods were used in lieu of cash by drug dealers; thousands of dollars of cash woukd get you arrested for suspicion and be confiscated, but 100 gallons of detergent wouldnt.

      You also see hood tag sales where people are selling exclusively home goods and personal csre items. Wouldnt be suprised if thats where this stuff is actually getting sold.

      Supposedly this happened in oxford. Im kinda suprised by that since oxford is a small town but much like all the car thefts weve been having the past few years, people are leaving the cities to target the relatively unprepared and unexpecting small towns and suburbs where people arent used to locking their cars and even still their doors.

      1. @Matt: Thanks for the comment on the plates. The camera was moving too erratically for me to catch that.

        I didn’t really think that they did lots of laundry, but I was unaware of the alternate uses for detergent. 😉

        1. A clean thief is a healthy thief lol

          I should clarify about that article though, it was so long ago now I can’t recall if it was highly localized or what and I cannot find it.

      2. I’ll bet those detergent bottles went to local flea markets for fencing. I live near New Haven CT, and if you go through certain sketchier neighborhoods, you’ll see them selling them on the side of the road.

        Also, there’s a separate video of them stealing 4 large screen TVs. The article said a couple of annoying things: the police know who they are, and that it was a misdemeanor because it was under $2000. Grrrr.

        1. You describe exactly what I mean by hood tag sale.

          Yea I thought it looked like the same Suburban to me between the Oxford and Wallingford BJs videos.

    1. CT actually had relatively better carry laws than many states including Texas for a long time.

      Open carry remains legal in CT and has been legal as long as the permitting system existed and probably before.

      CT has a robust and explicit right to bear arms in its constitution which was happily ignored by the state supreme court.

      You can carry a knife 4″ and under, I believe including a fixed blade, for daily use.

      CT regulates dangerous weapons which include brass knuckles, black jacks, switch blades, and dirks. There is no way to legally carry any of these even with a pistol permit.

      Electronic defense weapons were only recently removed from the list of dangerous weapons.

      CT has 2 active assault weapons bans, basically a carbon copy of the 1994 Clinton ban and PA 13-3 which is the post Sandy Hook ban. This has not really stopped anyone though as pre 1994 firearms remain legal to own, buy, and sell even after PA 13-3. We also have a nice cottage industry of gun shops selling CT others that are legally “firearms” and do not meet any of the CT definitions of assault weapon.

      The only real tangible effect PA 13-3 had in stopping gun related rights was making “high capacity” magazines illegal to buy, own without registration, or use outside of a shooting range or your property loaded above 10 rounds. This however is actually also pointless since we have many neighbors happy to sell us magazines and there is no way to prove registration since registration did not require serialization.

      Of course anything I say here is not legal advice and should not be construed as anything but the opinion of a stranger on the internet.

    2. While you are not wrong, CT certainly is a left, and is working hard every day to become a shithole on the level of CA, I would also add that CT is actually quite conservative, or at the very least surprisingly conservative. The moneyed people here like to preserve their wealth and there are a lot of farmers and rednecks. But our state likes to virtue signal and compete with our “peers” in NY, MA, and CA to continue the development of modern slave and surf classes by giving away as much free shit as possible to as many special interest groups as we can find or invent.

      We suffer the same problem every blue state does, our population centers dictate election results and drive policy. New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, Waterbury, and Stamford are the big ones.

      However, I do like to think we possess a certain quality here in CT, perhaps a caution, or a sense of practicality. The dying vestiges of that Yankee spirit? We seem to let others try first and to proceed slowly and caustiously. That gives me some hope we won’t totally become eastern CA, but I won’t hold my breath and I still plan to leave to greener or dusty pastures one day.

  2. I’m not getting involved. I’m not even going to risk myself filming them. It’s a blue state. Fuck them, they deserve this shit.

    1. I’d expect nothing but a good fucking by the state and many cities as well.

      Some recent self defense cases have been promising in their not becoming a big deal or political. One that comes immediately to mind is a case in Meriden a few years ago where a guy used a knife successfully defend himself from some youths, and one of them died. IIRC the defender even waited a day or two to turn himself in to police. He did not get the full wringer and the kitchen sink thrown at him and was out free and clear reasonably quick. IIRC the defender was Middle Eastern or South Asian and the youths were black.

  3. OK, we are literally watching Kyle Rittenhouse go through his own personal hell for the high crime of ‘not wanting retards to burn Kenosha to the ground’ and you’re asking why nobody did anything to this thief.

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