The letter relates the city’s mandatory quarantine rules as China struggles to bring Covid-19 under control. When the virus runs rampant and hospitals are overrun, as in Wuhan in Hubei Province, the Case Fatality Rate soars to over 15%, according to many accounts.

Under the current quarantine rules strictly enforced in Chengdu and other cities, the CFR can be kept to below 2%, but only at the cost of crippling the economy.

Now, just imagine trying to enforce this level of quarantine in American cities. God help us as Covid-19 spreads.


There is a 20 rules/points list in the post. go read it.

Mortality rates will be high depending on the level of care and common sense. Korea has the most affected outside China and only a 0.5% mortality rate.
Italy with 1128 cases was up to 29 deaths fo a 2.57%
Iran screws the international  pooch with 593 cases reported and 43 deaths for a 7.25% mortality rate.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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