Still not trending on national media, no statements from the President, no trending hashtags.

It’s almost like all the sectors of power don’t care that Jews are under attack, literally around the world.

As long as it can remotely be connected to Israel, it’s Woke to go after Jews with violence.

I’ll also add, as much as the Left called the Right “Nazis,” when Palestinians are out there saying “Hitler was right” the Left just nods along in silent agreement.

We Jews are headed for some tough times.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “And now they are attacking Jews in New York”
  1. Considering the loudly voiced contempt that came from Bill deBolshevik and Andrew ‘Kill all the old people’ Cuomo, I’m only surprised it’s flaring up now as opposed to a year ago.

  2. “We Jews are headed for some tough times.”

    Everyone is headed for tough times. Jews are merely a leading indicator. The canary in the coalmine, so to speak.

  3. I will be backing God’s (Yahweh/Jehovah) chosen people, carrying the sign of the cross. The leftists are spoiling for a shooting civil war and it is only a matter of time now, before they fire the opening volleys of it.

    1. The violence will start slowly, then all at once. Get some level 4 body armor (metal plates)legally while you still can (use cash if possible) while ammo is at a premium. A tourniquet on every rifle. I’m looking at putting 3M ‘hurricane’ treatments on my truck’s windows. Wife wont let me install gun ports. Yet.

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