Apparently a lot of people are worried about inflation and spending in the recovery.

If they shut us down again people will demand money because they will have no income.

The only way to justify what they want to do is to lock the economy down again.

Enter the Delta Variant and it’s ability to infect the vaccinated.  The perfect justification for Lockdown 2.0.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “And now we know why they are ramping up the Delta Variant panic”
  1. I don’t believe the “vaccines” were sold to us as a cure or a complete preventative. They were supposed to keep us from dying if we caught the commiecrud.
    It’s a coronavirus! It spreads easily! It is highly infectious! And the “D” variant appears to be as survivable as the original, if not more so.
    The Demoncrap party, and their allies, response to this infection has killed and injured large numbers of people along with destroying the world’s best economy ever. We may not have time to vote them out.
    Please remember that everything Hitler and the NAZI party did was legal by their laws.

  2. They’re going to have to really work to spin this, with this “Delta variant”, the increase in cases doesn’t seem to be leading to mass hospitalizations. Not to mention, there’s still a massive undercurrent of white hot anger over how Covid was handled, in particular with livelihoods being destroyed by arrogant Democrats. I don’t think lockdowns are going to go quite as swimmingly this time around. Aside from all but the most criminally insane liberals, people have gotten back to normal lives, and I think many of those people will be loathe to live under the yoke of Fauci and the rest of these tyrannical despots once again.

  3. Nice to know that, based on the more-than-100% of responses on what causes inflation, some people understand that it has more than one possible cause.

    However, if the world were perfect, every single one of those options would read 100% — because they ALL cause or contribute to inflation. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, so it looks like most people are picking one or two — when they don’t mark “unsure/don’t know” — instead of all of them.

    But then, they don’t teach economics anymore. Not beyond the “consumer” (microeconomics) version where students learn to balance a checking account and calculate the interest on a loan — and many places don’t even teach that! (Hence the “student debt crisis”.) Macroeconomics is rarely looked at except by economics majors, and even then you can’t trust that the faculty is giving straight, unbiased information.

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