The Uvalde School Police lied to the parents, they lied to the press, they lied to the public, but most of all they lied to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

I don’t know how things work with an official investigation like this but I suspect that the police lying to Texas DPS is probably illegal.

The Uvalde School Police are fighting to keep their body cam footage away from the public, and now we know why.

This was a cowardly cluster-fuck and it was captured on video.

Now we need to see all the video to know just how bad it really is.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “And now we know why Uvalde School Police are trying to block release of their body cams”
  1. They should all kill themselves.
    That is there only redemption, and even that is not enough, but it would be a Righteous Start.
    Service Piece or Rope, either will do.

  2. I occasionally listen to talk radio when I’m driving. In our area, I used to get Larry Elder starting at 6pm. Now, the time slot is “The Officer Tatum Show.” The host seems to be a former cop, and has had quite a bit to say about how cops are treated, and the difficulty of the job. A week or so ago, he was telling anyone who would listen that he objected to what he was hearing about the Uvalde cops, that it’s a difficult job, and that we should give them the benefit of the doubt until all the facts are in.

    I occasionally call in to radio talk shows, but it has to be a pretty long drive for me to be willing to stay on hold until the host gets to me, so I have yet to call in to Officer Tatum. If/when I do, though, it will be to express my objection to giving cops any benefit of doubt, because, for the past two years, we’ve seen way too many cops telling us, through their actions, that collecting that pension is much more important to them than keeping their oath. It has been clear that “I was following orders” is not a valid excuse since the Nuremberg Trials. I’ll support cops when they do their job, which includes keeping their oath in the face of clearly illegal or unconstitutional orders.


  3. And, at roll call every day, all the Coward County Sheriff Office deputies join hands, and pray: “Oh, thank you Heavenly Father, for the Uvalde Police Department. We are grateful that, in Your Mercy, we are not the worst white feathered, oath breaking, pusillanimous pus buckets in “law enforcement”. Amen!”

  4. “Now we need to see all the video to know just how bad it really is.”

    At some point, the video, and other detailed information, will get to the necessary authorities and the public; the result will be, one hopes, some degree of corrective action at the Uvalde Police Department and the Uvalde school district’s police operation (whatever it actually is).

    It will take time, lots of time, plus exhaustive and incessant wrangling by everyone involved and the usual confused media fervor and misinformation, as these things always do, but at some point a result will be reached.

    The problem is that all this will apply only to the Uvalde Police Department and the Uvalde School District; all of the nation’s other police organizations will decide “we’re different and that could never happen here” and continue on their merry way.

    Until it happens again, somewhere else, and that police department proves to be a carbon copy of Uvalde’s.

    The real issue is what we’ve been saying for a long time: “You are your own first responder. Prepare and act accordingly.” Having the police as a useful resource is a handy thing, but the intended victim(s) is always at the scene of the crime first.

    Police operations are, unfortunately, Lowest Common Denominator procedures; we – of the “you are your own first responder group” – have been coached for years to “not have a gun visible” when the cops arrive because they will shoot anyone they see with a gun, no matter who that might be. That exact thing has happened too many times to discount it because that is their default setting. Herschel Smith at The Captain’s Journal has documented it enough that “calling the cops is hazardous to your health” is not an unreasonable thought.

    Things like that need to change; it is understandable that when responding to a call where “shots fired” has been claimed police want to “immediately take action to resolve the emergency” but things have changed in the world – over 20 million Americans have concealed weapon permits and a great many live in the 25 states that no longer require obtaining a permit before carrying a gun so it is probable that police will encounter a legally armed citizen, and having used a firearm in self defense against a criminal, it’s quite often not the best decision to secure one’s firearm because the criminal, or his accomplices, may still pose a threat.

    That requires quite a bit more discretion on the part of police before opening fire; police will eagerly attest to how dangerous their job is, and, true, it does come with dangers most of us rarely face. Unfortunately, the way police usually operate is coming to mean that “most of us” are potentially facing a life threatening hazard from police.

    If some teachers, and administrators, and possibly a few parents, at Robb Elementary School were armed and took action to protect their students and themselves, what would have happened to them when adrenaline-charged police arrived if they still had guns in their hands?

    It’s past time to question police procedures, police training and, perhaps, even whom we hire as police.

  5. At the end of it all, this is about accountability. Policing is a tough job, but it’s one of those jobs that has severe consequences for mistakes. The fact that Uvalde PD is circling the wagons on releasing footage tells me they know they made serious mistakes and are not willing to take responsibility. This stuff will eventually come out out in lawsuits, and hopefully folks will be held accountable. Not just the decision makers – but the guys who stood around and did nothing to question orders also.

  6. I worked and still work in customer service positions. And of course you’ve always had the saying that it takes months to gain a customer and seconds to lose one. While the police are not a company in that sense A lot of people on the right I think have lost faith in the police. We had blue lives matter and other pushes too support the police. We have seen for the past two years how the police won’t do anything about violent criminals. They don’t respond to calls and if someone actually gets arrested they get released the same day without bail. I think police have as a whole have really burned a lot of their goodwill in the past year or so. What happened in Texas I think made it a lot worse. It must really suck to be a cop nowadays. The left hates you because they think you’re racist and only beat up and kill and arrest minorities. The right hate you because you aren’t doing your job and starting to understand that the police have no right to protect you. If you really think that the police or police chief will be held accountable for sitting around holding their dicks and then arresting and tasing the parents you have not heard of castlerock versus Gonzalez. The police have no duty to protect you and therefore by extension the police have no duty to act during a mass casualty event. According to law that mad man could’ve literally murdered every single child in that school or kept going for hours or even days until he literally had no more ammunition left and they would not be breaking the law. Sure there public perception is ruined but they will never face any consequences for their lack of action and cowardice. At least in the eyes of the government. The police chief and every single officer there will face no consequence. None of them will lose their job. None of them are going to jail. None of them will lose their pension. The community should shut them. They go to buy groceries, should not even look at them.It’s why I believe that when the order for the confiscation of all guns in the mandated execution of every single gun owner eventually happens that the vast majority of police will go along with it. And they will keep going along with it until they start dwindling and number. Because the only thing they care about is their pension. But they can’t really use their pension if they’re dead. And getting a bit off topic It’s the reason why I think with only a few exceptions the entire United States military will go along with it too even if it means having to deploy nuclear weapons.I mean sure you’ll be part of the military and did nothing has hundreds of millions are exterminated via nuclear carpet bombing but you need your pension. Your morals don’t pay the bills.If you have any morals at all.

  7. This is not a one-off or unique situation.

    Columbine was the first.
    Pulse Night Club was another.
    Then Parkland HS. Thank God for the CORAL GABLES PD who actually did their job.
    Now Uvalde.

    Each one is worse. The police are too stupid, too cowardly, and too corrupt to learn from the previous massacres of innocents while they stood by. 100+ dead souls.

    1. One wonders if the root cause is that cops know about “no duty to protect”. The answer would be to repeal that notion.

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