Meet Jake that goes under the Twitter handler of @USMCLiberal.

Jake is an expert because he is a Marine (or so he says) so you must believe what he is saying. I screen captured this delightful cascade of BS for your entertainment and I’ll begin fisking at the bottom of the pic:

“AR 15 AK 47’s… are terrible for selfdefense”
Which is why they are not used in any military to safeguard installations, right?

I’ll tell you from the viewpoint of a Marine, with extensive training on these weapons, how they elevate violence, are terrible for selfdefense, and shouldn’t be on our streets.
Thank God we have somebody like you to save us from ourselves! where would we be otherwise!

“If we’re talking about personal security, whether in your home, your store, or out on the street— nothing is more effective than a can of bear spray.”
Oh yeah, Bear Spray is “effective” up to 35 feet and then  you are screwed. Any “yute”  with a rock can pop in the head you easily at twice that distance. Also, a Dollar Store umbrella can stop or deflect Bear Spray. %.56 NATO rounds? Not so much.

The last thing I’d reach for is a long rifle or a handgun. So the idea of “self defense” as a reason to own them is ridiculous.
A question that then begs to be asked: Why does the military issue rifles and handguns to fight wars? I reckon just loading you with Bear Spray and I am sure you could have cleaned Tora Boar all by yourself.

As someone with more weapons training than most Americans, I know how firearms can fail you in a rushed response to a threat.
You were supposed to remove the safety before shooting. That is not a failure of the instrument but the player. Call of Duty is harder than it looks according to my nephews.

And anyone who’s on drugs, who might be immune to bear spray, would also take several shots from a firearm— even if they’re well-placed.
Super Zombies!  Destroy the brain and still they keep coming….wait one second. What do you mean immune to bear spray? You just were selling the effing thing as better than a gun! What the actual fork?

Good luck doing that when that threat is quickly bearing down on you.
I’ll take my chances with a firearm, thank you. At least bullet holes deplete the amount of blood of the attacker… unless you are proposing that with some drugs you don’t need blood. Are we talking Zombies again?

The AR platform is not a defense weapon.
Yet it performs the job ever so well. There are two home invaders  residing in a morgue in Florida because of that “not a defensive weapon”

It is designed for an assault.
“PFC Jake! What the fuck are you doing with an AR15? The Taliban is attacking and they get to use AK47s You are not assaulting, so you get to use bear spray to defend our position!”
Get the point, Jakey?

And handguns also present a number of issues when trying to confront an immediate threat.
We know Jake, that is why we shoot till the threat has stopped and, by the way, also the reason we want out guns with those evil high capacity magazines.

In close proximity, the AR has a number of deficiencies. It’s long, requiring the target to be at a distance.
Wait, are you saying that a 5.56 round is not effective coming out of the muzzle than it is about 100 yards downrange? Were you sleep in rifle class? Or maybe you weren’t at all.

Within the reactionary gap, getting it into your shoulder to take aim is time wasted.
Now I know you read something in the Internet and you think you are an expert. Apparently you don’t suffer from reactionary gap if you are packing bear spray.

And handguns, when fired in a panic, are notoriously inaccurate.
The gun is not affected by panic or hunger or the need to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie. A handgun is an object and it is the shooter who is inaccurate. You sounds like guy at the range who blames bad sights for shooting all over the target and not the bulls’ eye.

But the cone on a can of bear spray is wide, and ensures that you’ll hit your target, without fumbling with the safety or the slide.
No, it is not wide. And have you ever seen a can of bear spray up close or just in YouTube videos? They have safeties you uneducated poser! Some even have pull pins like grenades! And as a Marine, you know what a grenade is, right?

If you want safe and effective self defense, a can of bear spray is, by far, your best option.
Our best option for self defense is ignore all the dangerous crap you have been spouting and go with the proven solutions.

Speaking on the mentality of the AR/AK platforms. There is an immediate desire to “destroy” when you put them in your hands.
Huh? I am not in favor of Red Flag orders, but you buddy are a walking-talking example of a straight Baker Act. Unless he happened to grab one of the Hatian Assault Weapons imbued with Voodoo and stuff that make you straight cold killers. I think I have seen a movie like that once There was a Cuban Santeria AK47, but it only made you want to drink very strong coffee and talk loud.

Only when my training objectives were to put rounds in a specific target on a range, did I focus on my breathing and trigger control.
Good to know the USMC has the proper training to counter Voodoo. I guess they picked it up when they visited the country back in 1915 and then again in 1995.

Every other time I’ve had an AR or AK in my hands, and was getting ready to shoot in an unsupervised setting, I’ve wanted to lay waste to everything on the range.
Baker Act, on Aisle 4! Stat!

And I’m not a violent person.
We are seriously wondering about that. Sane people don’t touch objects and suddenly develop a desire to “lay waste to everything.”

There’s a feeling of power that accompanies firearm of an “assault” nature.
I agree. It means you are not the weak subject of somebody who wants to impose violence upon you and that you are capable to return the favor in spades.

They’re designed for dominance, not defense.
The way you say dominance sounds like it is a dirty word. And if I got a bunch of idiots breaking into my home, I sure want to defend myself by “dominancing” the living daylights out of them with whatever weapon I chose to do so.

And when you combine that with the hatred and sense of bigoted superiority that #WhiteSupremacists have, you have all the elements for another #MassShooting.
And finally the real message: You are a Nazi  (because I say so) and you do not get to defend yourself with the right tools. #EveryoneIDon’tLikeIsHitler

Get lost Jake. If you are not Stolen Valor, you are an embarrassment to the Corps for being so stupid you probably would not qualify for the Mali UN Peacekeeping Force.

Hat tip to Mal Roadkill @MalRoadkill for directing me to this …individual even before I had my first coffee… hatechu with love. 🙂


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “And on this episode of Stolen Valor For Gun Control…”
  1. This idjit is another trolling asshole. Maybe because he’s bored or his life is a total fucked up mess and he’s got nothing better to do.

    He may have served, but his posts are so stupid it’s almost like he’s trying to imitate the Onion or Babylon Bee.

  2. When I’m holding a firearm my thoughts are about safe handling, not an irrational desire to destroy. This guy is insane.

  3. ymmv but I don’t know any Marine that would refer to themselves as ‘Infantryman’ (which is an Army term).

    1. Too right, my recollection is that the correct term is rifleman. At least it was in the 50s when my old man got an offer he couldn’t refuse.

  4. Does not sound like any Marine I have known
    Even Left Behind Marines were better than this

  5. I’d be willing to bet his DD214 (if he even has one) says something along the lines of “Other than honorable” somewhere on it.

  6. “extensive training on the AK 47”.

    Wait! What? Jake, buddy, tell me me….you weren’t a RUSSIAN marine, were you?

    Mr. Mueller! Call your office!

  7. I will pay $100 to see a copy of his DD214.
    He does not usevortect terminology and the the things he says are patently silly..

    The “evil aura “ makes him want to go full auto? He’s also a nut job- perhaps he can be Marianne what’s her name’s Vice President.

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