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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “And she supports Bernie, how come I am not surprised?”
  1. This doesn’t look good for our side. Sorry. Yes, she spent a lot on her education and the whole Bernie thing is bad, but it’s clear she said speech pathology and not Greek Mythology. Maybe a quarter mil was too much for that degree, but it’s not entirely useless. It’s a form of physical therapy.

    1. A quick check on salary dot com shows the average base income for a speech pathologist is around $80k/year. It would take ~28 years to pay that off at $8k/year, not including interest. Paying it off over a working career given raises etc would be annoying but eminently possible if she’s willing to work.

      She could pay it off a lot faster with a higher percentage of her salary; and there are many, many programs for debt reduction or forgiveness if a medical service provider is willing to work for a few years in underserved, poor, or rural communities.

      An associate’s degree in speech pathology should run around $50k, a master’s double that. (as per duckduckgo search). Sounds like she made some poor choices and wants others to pay for them.

      1. We can have the debate all day long if it was a good idea for a girl to spend that much on tuition for a degree that has a median earning potential of $80K. I also agree that “free tuition from the government” is a bad idea.

        My point is that it makes us look bad when we go “yuk yuk yuk… look at this idiot with her worthless degree” and her degree is physical therapy and he she helps kids with a stutter learn to speak or stroke victims learn to talk again (my grandfather saw a speech therapist after his stroke).

        If we’re going to shoot these people down, we need to at least get our facts right.

        1. I get that. I wasn’t trying to say it’s a bad or useless career. That said, any degree (or any skill, for that matter) is worthless if you don’t choose to make use of it.

          That $80k per year likely assumes a full-time position … which means, work, and not taking off when you feel like it, etc. I actually have more dislike of her than I would if she had gotten the degree in Greek mythology.

          Why? My point was that even with that much debt, she can pay it off should she choose to do so, given what the degree is in. $8k per year is, literally, $21.92 per day. That translates to not eating both lunch and dinner out every day. She might have made a mistake racking up that much debt, but it is recoverable … and it seems like she’s choosing not to bother.

  2. The whole generation isn’t lost — just the loudest, most obnoxious members of it. The quiet ones are getting sensible degrees, working hard, and living honest, quiet lives.

  3. So assuming a bachelors, she spent over $50K/yr. Why do I have a feeling she lived exclusively on loans and didn’t work thinking she was going to get a 6 figure job immediately after graduating.

  4. Being in my 30’s I am actually quite lucky when it comes to debt. I finished my student loan debt years ago since I understood that Minsk and one of my other two loans will be done in less than two years. Then I plan on putting that amount towards my payments on the other one hopefully paying that one off in 4. After that unless I have to take out a loan I will have zero debt to pay. College is a waste of money at this point. The debt wipes out your increased income for decades.

  5. Nothing inherently wrong with majoring in Greek Mythology as an under, you just need to go into it with your eyes open that your only possible career exits are post-graduate school to either (a) continue down the Greek Mythology rabbit hole until you have a PhD and spend the rest of your life getting paid peanuts and pursuing tenure; (b) passing the LSAT or something like it to go to post-graduate school to become a lawyer; or (c) working in a field where an undergraduate degree was wholly unnecessary in the first place.

    Western civilization benefits from having academic who study, analyze, teach, and record our foundational mythologies… We just need to people who devote their lives to it to do so without any illusions that it’s going to be lucrative.

  6. Bernie bro’s net worth is around $2 million, so why doesn’t she go and ask him to share his money with her, like a “good socialist” (i know, an oxymoron) supposedly does?

  7. Today’s WSJ has an op-ed about colleges going out of business in droves. Tucked away in there is the observation that this “free college” stuff will be the end of private colleges — because the “free” bit is “public college”.
    I hadn’t realize that. But it makes sense: socialists don’t like private enterprise, things they can’t control. Then again, they do have control over almost all private colleges, because of the claim that having them accept taxpayer subsidies means they have to obey government orders. A handful of colleges in the USA have declined that Faustian bargain.

  8. And all the local colleges which supported and voted in all the dem’s last election, are now crapping themselves over trying to find a way to pay for the $15/hr min wage law that JB the Hutt just signed into law.

  9. That 226k debt is her’s- Bernie or no Bernie. Apparently what she wants it to pay for the next speech pathologist’s education in the form of higher taxes while trying to pay off her own debt which she agreed to incur. She should have taken an economics class or two.

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