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7 thoughts on “And suddenly I lost my appetite”
  1. Think about this, they are actually DOING something to make them safer, you should be worried if you never see an exterminator outside a food place?

  2. Was once doing a weekly service call to some customers in Small Town, TX and noticed the Whataburger was closed. Pulled in, numerous health violations including the presence of vermin. Back the next week and the place was cars-backed-up-into-the-street busy. Talked to one of my customers and they said the joint had been that way since reopening.

    Never deny a Texan their Whataburger, I suppose.

    1. Unless one used to work at a Whataburger, as I did. We were the “model store” for the region, and the training store as well. I would eat there again, if it was still under the same management. Which it assuredly is not. Thr other stores in the region? Not so much.
      If it were guaranteed that a particular franchise store was operated under the same cleanliness protocol I worked under, I would consider it. However, almost all are not – but they charge as if they were.
      If I’m going to pay that kind of food premium, I’ll go to a hate chicken; they do generally maintain kitchen cleanliness on par with what I expect. But Whataburger is far from the ideal they are held as.

  3. it is only going to get worse with employee shortages, and that too many of the young employees are lackadasical at best. I can see a definite difference in Big City Suburban and small town fast food restaurants. Fifteen miles makes a huge difference in attitudes and quality, and inversely on variety. So does the brand of the franchise.

    That said, the Burger King in my small city half way between Minneapolis and St. Cloud was always a dirty, filthy dump. The fry station directly behind the register had grease puddles LAYERED on the floor. The tile floor in the DINING ROOM had dirt plastered into the corners. I visited about every six months to a year to see if it ever changed, and in 10 years it never did. Sort of like my visits to Walmart, and for the same reasons.

  4. I retired my pest control company a few years back and I’ll tell you flat out…I look carefully at every food establishment I walk into and you can see the signs. But the presence of an exterminator doesn’t mean that there’s problems…it’s simply good management!

  5. When I was a cook at KFC, I’d eat my own chicken, after cleaning up after the last shift. Eat other people’s chicken? Nope, no way. Being in the food industry at one time has turned me off to other people’s cooking.

  6. Eh, you’re better off ditching Subway anyway. If it wasn’t their insistence on supporting Lady Kool-Aid-Hair-Lesbian SJW, then because of the fact that I can definitely state, from direct personal knowledge, that they have DRASTICALLY cut the actual quality of their ingredients, while also upping their prices as if they were using the same higher quality (and more expensive) foodstuffs as before.

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