Allowing BLM to look and commit arson was all well and good when Trump was President and Republicans could be made to look bad.

Now it’s Democrat mayors and Democrat governors in Blue cities and states that are imposing restrictions that are popular with Democrats that are going to inspire BLM violence.

This is the problem with siding with bloodthirsty revolutionaries, they eventually come for you too.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “And the Democrats are about to feel the wrath of the monster they created”
  1. Unfortunately, they’re going after the wrong people. Not the politicos that have created the problem but the poor schmucks at the restaurant who are stuck enforcing it.

  2. It’s a feature, the Demonrats can lay the blame on “anti-vaxers” then pass draconian measures to crush BLM and their political opponents together. One PR move to eliminate the “disobedient servants and the the disgusting rabble/naysayers” at the same time. Such is the power of a defacto state run media.

  3. Why do Blacks need vaxports? After all we were told during riots mostly peaceful protests last summer that these weren’t supper spreader events. It’s almost like black were immune from the WuFlu.

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