Playing patty cakes with the back of the head of a killer is not going to do anything but increase his body count at your expense.

How many videos have we seen of criminals resisting arrest and taking an unholy number of cops to subdue them including the use of Less Lethal? And suddenly a Mass Murderer is going to call it quits because a soy boy may execute a tackle from behind and give him a scalp massage?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “And the dumbest video you will see today is…”
  1. They cant promote what everyone knows the only way to stop an “active shooter”… THAT would go against the narrative ya know…

    1. Not just an armed response. They don’t want any kind of aggressive response at all.

      For a sneak peek, look at England, where if you resist a criminal assault, you run the risk of being charged as well if your action is ‘disproportionate’.

  2. Oh my….good grief. Did you notice the bad guy just lays there on his stomach after being tackled?? Yeah, that is totally realistic.

    The football tackle isn’t a terrible tactic here, its what happens afterwards. You need to assume the guy isn’t going stay flopped face down, nor lose his gun. Be prepared to wrestle for control. The tapping to the back of the head?? What the hell is that?? At a minimum, there should be some very basic jiu-jitsu and limb control techniques taught here.

  3. Step 1: Tackle shooter from behind.
    Step 2: Grab gun.
    Step 3: Insert barrel up to the front sight or gas block into the shooter’s rectum.
    Step 4: Kentucky heart shot until the magazine is empty.

  4. Seriously? You would go into a training session and actually try to injure the instructor/volunteer? Go for total destruction? Really? Instead of slapping the dummy, you’d try to break his neck? For real? Good thing y’all learn the first time, because pretty soon there won’t be any trainers around.

    1. Training has to be at least somewhat realistic. Take a look at the dude from Detroit with all of his disarm techniques that will get people killed. Things like taking a half step back and keeping the firearm in a retention grip defeats most of his disarms.

      Most of his take downs are just simple shoves. When most people have somebody shove at their face they take a step back and keep their balance, they don’t fall to the ground leaving their firearm in the hands of the attacker.

      There are some very good ways to do more realistic training, including making sure that people are wearing padding. The biggest thing is just having the ability to tap out.

      Yes, I did break my toe in Judo way those many years ago. It made the rest of the class more difficult. But we had to deal with people fighting back.

      The example I use to this day is a leg sweep. It was one of the moves I was good at and it is fast. In class we were taught to pull up with our right arm just before our opponent hit the mat. We then moved into arm bars and other things from there.

      Our instructor took the time to explain how this is done in a combat situation. In a combat situation you drive your fist down from the sweep and attempt to put your fist to the mat. Ignoring the fact that there is a person between your fist and the mat. That extra energy along with the violence of the leg sweep would be enough to take most attackers out.

      The follow on moves had slight changes to them so that instead of pinning our opponent with an arm bar we would either dislocate the shoulder and/or elbow or we would break the elbow.

      My daughter use to believe that she was going to use the unarmed techniques she had learned from her elder, adopted sibling. Up until dad showed her just how those things were countered and how she would end up seriously hurt. This was reinforced when that same adopted sibling told her “yeah, listen to your dad.”

      Now my daughter is much more deadly and knows to use tools if she has that option.

    2. No one is saying injure anyone, but you need to make it intense, and good instructors know this. Safety gear helps. If you don’t add a degree of realism, when you fight you will revert to your base level of training. And when you are talking about trying to neutralize an armed attacker while being unarmed, the violence of action you need to bring is paramount.

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