And the knives are out after DeSantis.

Welcome to the Official News Media Propaganda War.

What it is interesting is that this does not seem to be the original headline of the article. The URL suggests that somebody decided to change it to something more incendiary.  Here is part of the URL that should be visible in your browser’s address:


Somebody decided to change it after it was written and uploaded into something more prejudicial. So what convention did DeSantis attend? Klan meeting? Friends of Mussolini Neo Fascist gathering? The David Horowitz Freedom Center.

You may have heard some weeks earlier that Credit Card companies stopped processing payments to DHFC because it was tagged to be some sort of Hitlerian/Right Wing/Ultra Fascist group by a couple of “organizations” but before the lawyers intervened, the Card companies reversed their decision and allowed donations to be processed once again.

And who was responsible for laying the accusations against David Horowitz Freedom Center? Quoting from Daily Naples News:

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups and white nationalists, has said Horowitz’s conferences “range from single day presentations given by anti-Muslim fear mongers in Horowitz’s network to extravagant weekend getaways that convene government officials with far-right thought leaders and activists.”

Our dear Left Wing friends of the SPLC strike again who coincidentally were the ones behind the Credit Card companies actions against Horowitz. And man, he is prime target because of the stuff his center covers: Jihad attacks, tracking left-wing groups, Code Speech regulations in college campuses that stifle First Amendment rights and, probably why journalists hate the DHFC so much, tracking bias and hypocrisy in the media.

Now, how stupid can they be? And I mean both SPLC and the Naples Daily News of trying to pass a group whose founder is a Jew, son of parents who escaped persecution from the pogroms as some sort of master Fascist/Nazi leader. The answer is not stupid at all. They know most people will not bother to check the facts or even see the contradiction of somebody with a Jewish surname being accused of being a full white-hooded klansman.

Coming soon: DeSantis will be accused of Child Abuse or Child Pornography or something like it because the Media will get away with it and Gillum MUST be elected come hell or high water. The problem with Florida is that both those options are possible.

4 Replies to “And the knives are out after DeSantis.”

  1. Ah, the Stupid Preposterous Lie Center – the biggest hate group in the world. Anyone they don’t agree with is a hate group.

    Don’t worry. As people are saying, the media only goes after Republicans on days that are named ending with “day”.

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