How much more “Down. ON.” the unvaccinated can we get until we start violently violating their civil rights?

Not much, so clearly that’s where Rubin wants to go.

Declare one group responsible for all the problems in society then punish them.

Were in step one and the opinion media us pushing hard for step two.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “And the regime’s cheerleaders increase their call to make America ungeimpftfrei”
  1. They have zero idea what most of them will face when they decide to try it out. Fuk them. All this hysterical bullshiitte over a sniffle virus…

    1. On the other hand, only ‘not fully vaccinated’ are allowed to use the only EUA drug for approved Covid Profilaxis…

  2. We know what they want. Door to door mandated vaccination and the mandate to the American people that you either get vaccinated or we will kill you along with killing the entire United States population that refuses even if we have to go door to door using the full force of the United States military to do it.

    Just like they want to do to every single gun owner, Trump voter, Republican, conservative and to the entire United States population that opposes doing that even if it means killing literally every single human being in the United States except themselves, democrats and illegals.

    To them to keep Americans safe we must kill tens if not hundreds millions of American citizens to achieve that goal. It when your goal is to literally exterminate the entire population of the United States that opposes or resists them in any way it kind of makes sense.

  3. Already a couple of days ago, in what should have been an inoffensive comment section, I spotted someone literally referring to Trump supporters as plague rats.
    So, yeah: we’re already getting into the early-1940s propaganda of that accursèd Party.
    “Oi don’t like the zound of these ‘ere boncentration bamps.”

    1. Plague rats, eh? Like the notorious Danish nazi poster of a hook-nosed rodent with the caption “Rats — exterminate them”.

  4. These are the same people that a year ago were screaming defund the police and punch a nazi as the cities burned.

    Now they want the same gov’t to curtail people’s rights and violently enforce mandates.

    1. “Now they want the same gov’t to curtail people’s rights and violently enforce mandates.”
      Well, of course! Now their party is back in power! (Not that it was ever really out of power.)
      Remember: democracy means 51% of the electorate can disenfranchise and enslave the other 49%. But only if the 51% are Democrats, of course.

  5. I would make a joke about her coming down on me, but I don’t want that thing anywhere near me. I’ll take my chances with the wuflu.

  6. Sorry to break the train, but WTF is “ungeimpftfrei”?

    I entered it into a German to English translator and it said the English version of ungeimpftfrei is ungeimpftfrei.

    1. ungeimpft is unvaccinated.
      ungeimpft frei would be ‘unvaccinated free’, as in ‘without the unvaccinated’

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