And the Socialists dream about the day the US is a dictatorship.

This was beating around the news and you probably saw it:

It seems the PM in Kiwiland has the power to enact that kind of prohibition unilaterally without  checks and balances from their Parlament. Immediately the Oldest and Newest Socialists fascist in our country jumped in joy wishing we had that kind of government here.

Because centralized power always makes their type wet their undies. They dream about all the things they could do if they only had absolute power.



6 Replies to “And the Socialists dream about the day the US is a dictatorship.”

  1. If these commies are jizzing their undies about this, they are more than welcome to GTFO and move to the Peoples Republik of Kiwiland and good f***ing riddance.
    Hell, i’ll pay for their 1-way ticket myself. 😉

  2. And of course we all know any potential shooters will follow the law. “Oh shucks, it’s against the law to go shoot a bunch of people with my semi-auto. Guess I’ll just stay home then.”

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