“And the VODA award for Crappy Tactical Instruction goes to…”

They are supposed to be a school in the West Coast. I know that the fourth shot goes above the berm. The way he “cleared” the door is a great example NOT to repeat. Target on the left was missed on first scan.

But fast dancing looks cool.

5 Replies to ““And the VODA award for Crappy Tactical Instruction goes to…””

  1. Hahahah. I’m shooting my next ESP class IDPA match that way, Sans 180 and muzzling violations. SO’s going to be pissed. VODA school, for the win.

  2. Holy crap. The 4th round certainly cleared the berm. What will he say when he nuzzles his left hand and puts a .355 inch diameter hole in it?
    It won’t be “oggity”.

    Can someone identify for me the utility of this kind of drill for the armed grandmothers, non-SWAT cops , gun store clerks and Texas School Safety Certification ( Armed School Teachers ) students I am instructing?

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