A 17-year-old Illinois resident has been arrested by police for first-degree murder after allegedly fatally shooting two Wisconsin protesters on Tuesday evening.

Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois, was charged in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and labelled as a “fugitive of justice”, according to Lake County, Illinois Clerk of Courts public records first obtained by the Daily Dot.

The Antioch Police Department made the arrest on Wednesday after the suspect allegedly fled Wisconsin for his home state following the shooting.

“(The suspect) fled the state of Wisconsin with the intent to avoid prosecution for that offence,” according to the document.

17-year-old arrested for murder and fleeing state after Kenosha shootings that left two dead

There is a legal term/principle/idea whereas if you flee the scene of a crime, you are nailing yourself with an assumption of guilt.  Andrew Branca has mentioned more than once I am ashamed I keep forgetting the name.

This kid just made his case 100 times harder than it should have been.  I still believe the shootings were justified till the evidence says otherwise, but his damn running away makes for wavering beliefs.

If you have to remove yourself from the scene of an incident because of safety reasons, do so while on the phone with 911 or call them as soon as you can explaining why you had to move and where you can be found.

PS: Yes, the question of WTF was a 17 year old doing there is running around in the cranial penthouse looking for a logical answer.


UPDATE: Reader Rob Crawford was right. Andrew Branca was once again nice enough to  share a long explanation in Facebook.

Andrew Branca
The phrase you’re looking for is “consciousness of guilt evidence,” but it’s inapplicable to this case. It’s intended to apply to persons who are attempting to avoid actual criminal liability by flight or tampering with evidence or lying to the police. Think “Bernie Goetz fleeing subway car after shooting the men who attacked him, and running to CT to hide” as a more classic example of consciousness of guilt flight. That’s not what happened here.
Here, Rittenhouse immediately turned himself over to police while still at the scene of the shooting, so he clearly wasn’t attempting to avoid responsibility or identification or avoid prosecution–he knew the authorities knew who he was and where they could find him.
More likely the Trayvon-Martin-aged Rittenhouse simply didn’t understand that he was prohibited from just going home, if going home meant leaving the state.
I know the complaint against him states that he was fleeing for purposes of avoiding prosecution, but that’s a presumption–note there’s no evidence cited in support of that claim. And if I had $1 for every profoundly defective and falsified criminal complaint I saw in an apparently clear-cut case of self-defense, I’d have more BMW motorcycles in my garage.
Rittenhouse is apparently, based on known evidence, no more guilty of murder in this event than Officer Chauvin is guilty of murdering George Floyd or Officer Rolfe is guilty of murdering Rayshaad Brooks or the McCloskeys are guilty of unlawful use of weapons when facing down a threatening mob outside their home. These charges and prosecutions are all political theater for the benefit of the Progressive fascist team, which these days often includes the local prosecutor.

One of this day I am gonna get hit with a bill from Andrew and I am gonna need a massive fundraiser.
In the meantime, I will plug again his very good and necessary book. Kidding aside, get the darn thing and read it cover to cover at least twice.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

17 thoughts on “And then he screwed up. (Update: Apparently not so. Legal explanation inside)”
  1. He tried to surrender to police immediately. There are claims he went to a police station to turn himself in.

    Maybe wait until we know more than the claims of a Democrat prosecutor who hasn’t done squat about the looters and arsonists, let alone the hundred or so who took part in felony murder last night.

    1. You can see in the video originally posted that he immediately made his way to the police, trying to turn himself in.

      Not sure what is going on that he is now fleeing.

    1. And the fantasy the left is pushing is that the guy they tried to murder was part of a secret conspiracy between the police and “militias” to kill demonstrators. Never mind the Molotov thrown at the guy, or being hit in the head with a skateboard, or the guy pulling a gun…

      1. For him being a murderous conspirator, armed with a weapon of war with the shoulder thing that does up, and (likely) a chainsaw bayonet, there sure appear to be a whole lot of those assholes still standing, walking around.

        Just as whatever the left is accusing (insert name here) of, is most likely to be that thing that they, themselves are in fact doing right now, so, too, whatever the “news” reports, is likely to be exactly, mathematically, the inverse of the truth.

  2. Yeah, if I’m involved in a shooting, and the police decline to arrest me, then I’m … going home after giving them my information. Why wouldn’t I?

  3. Lefty Prosecutor needed some more bullshit to drown this boy in to get him to plead rather than face forever in jail on political bullshit charges.

    Also, what is up with kids these days?

    When I was 17 my biggest interest was finding a girl to touch my penis. Kicking off CW2.0 wasn’t on my radar.

  4. In my state if you come from another state to go to a riot armed YOU are escalating the situation. Why the bleep would you bleepin COME from another state and show up armed with a gun??? Plus, dont you have to be 18 to purchase a long gun? Megadumb

    1. What state is that, Curby?
      You’re assuming he intended to come to a riot. But these are claimed to be “peaceful protests” so he may have intended to participate in a peaceful assembly, as is his Constitutional right. And he may have wanted to carry suitable arms for self defense, as is his Constitutional right.
      As for needing to be 18 to purchase a rifle, sure, under current law of questionable Constitutionality. But that’s irrelevant if his father let him borrow dad’s rifle for the day.

    2. The kids lives in Illinois. About 15 minutes drive from Kenosha. It is the biggest city center near his home and he likely considers it as part of the places he attends and it’s part of the social groups of the city.

      As a 17 year old in Illinois, he would need a FOID which he can get with his parents approval, if his parents qualify for a FOID. Under Illinois law he can legally own that rifle.

      Under federal law he can transport that rifle.

      Under Wisconsin law he can open carry a pistol but not a rifle.

      From what I have gathered, he went to Kenosha to defend property. At no time can anybody point to a anything that suggests he wanted to kill anybody.

      As far as I can tell, his only crime might be open carrying a rifle.

      Everything else against him appears to be CYA and Fudd

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