A Tweet from California Senator Kamala Harris:

So she wants the United State to be a racially homogeneous, xenophobic ethno-state, in which non-citizens or people of other races have no civil rights, under the control of a tyrannical monarchy that maintains control by way of hyper-advanced weapons of mass destruction?

But that’s okay because the person who developed the super weapons is a women.

I guess the only real problem that the Progressives have with the Nazis was that they weren’t feminist enough.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “And they call us Nazis?”
  1. Wakanda is not a tyrannical monarchy, it’s a tyrannical _theocratic_ monarchy. One that even ostracizes coreligionists if they practice the religion wrong.

    M’Baku and his tribe venerate the gorilla god over the panther god, this is why they are segregated into their own ghetto in the resource poor mountains. T’challa and the rest of Wakanda venerate the panther god as their main diety.

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